Aries Man Not Texting Back: Why This Happens & What To Do

You’ve fired off an important text, only for you to hear crickets.

I completely understand how annoying it can be when the Aries man doesn’t text back.

There can be quite a few reasons for this as well, and the good news is that it’s not always a big deal. Let’s talk more about this.

Why Do Aries Not Text Back?

why do aries not text back

The reason behind an Aries man not texting back is that he is always busy or doesn’t use his phone often. This is because he prefers the adventures of the outside world, or, although it may seem heartless, he doesn’t like you back.

The mind of an Aries man is always occupied with something, probably of plans on how to conquer the world as soon as possible because that’s how ambitious Aries men are.

They don’t have time to look at their phones nor open messages on them. Let’s talk more about those reasons a little more.

1) The Aries Man Is Hard Working (And Stays Busy)

An Aries man dreams big and he will work hard and do anything to make that dream happen. He is an ambitious person and oftentimes, competition drives him to his goals.

Once he commits himself to something, his focus will remain on that, and being distracted is not really a thing for an Aries man.

Also, an Aries man never runs out of things to do in the future because his curiosity always leads him up to something.

How can someone like an Aries man who is full of commitments, find time to reply to your messages? His self and his passions are probably at the top of his priorities.

2) The Aries Man Doesn’t Use His Phone Often

Being stuck on his phone all day, scrolling through social media, and opening inboxes is not like an Aries man. He probably won’t notice his phone until it rings loudly or he might even put his cellphone in silent mode to not disturb him in his adventures.

A cellphone is boring for an Aries man because he always craves something thrilling and something real that he can experience himself.

So, don’t blame an Aries man for not texting you back, blame it on the boring phone that cannot satisfy his constant need for an adrenaline rush.

He would always choose the outside world with real experiences than the virtual realities in cellphones. In-person is the best way to talk to an Aries man.

3) The Aries Man Doesn’t Like You

An Aries man is known to be an independent and self-fulfilled person. He doesn’t really need someone to bring color to his life because he already sees it as a rainbow.

He’s not the type who would settle down and get stable at an early age for he constantly moves to explore new places and enjoy his life to the fullest before getting to that stage.

If an Aries man doesn’t text you back, it’s either he doesn’t like you or he doesn’t like the idea of being tied to someone. Or, it can also be both. An Aries man only knows one true love in the world and that is self-love.

What Do You Do When An Aries Man Ignores You?

An Ares man ignores for a reason. He probably feels suffocated and tied down so if he ignores you, let him, for he will come back if he really likes you and when he’s ready.

At the top of an Aries man’s hierarchy of needs is the need for me-time, a time alone to let him think about life and internalize.

Also, an Aries man might need some time to revise his future plans to include your sudden arrival.

If he really likes you but you suddenly came into his life, he probably needs a moment to think about whether to let you into his life or not and if he is really capable of committing to you despite his busy schedules.

He loves himself so much that he’s going to do anything to protect it and be wary of entrusting his self to other people.

How Do You Get An Aries Man’s Attention Back?

An Aries man may look intimidating, self-centered, cold, and highly independent on the outside but like any other person, he craves approval, attention, and care also.

Simple gestures like leaving a cup of coffee on his office table with your hand-written message on a sticky note can already melt his heart. Let him know that he can be alone as much as he likes but you’re always by his side whenever he needs someone to talk to.

Remember that an Aries man craves adventures and that he always wants to try something new. You can offer him to do hiking or trekking with you and for sure your offer will not be denied.

Suggest that you try:

  • Paragliding.
  • Cliff jumping.
  • Bungee jumping.
  • Or anything new and exciting that can get his attention.

You can even invite him to camp with you in the woods because the mountains are a rich source of thrills.

Joining him in doing what he’s passionate about is one way to enter his world. You will not only get to know more about him but you also let him know that you can be trusted and worthy of his precious time.

Take this opportunity to get closer to him because an Aries man only gives one chance to people because their time is as precious as gold.

Aries Man Not Texting Back: Closing Words

There are several reasons for an Aries man not texting back and they’re not only about you but mainly the problem lies behind an Aries man’s personality.

He is a busy person who always works hard for his dreams and a person who finds cellphones boring so he doesn’t use his own phone often. You can also interpret him ignoring you as his need for time to think about whether to let you in or not in his world.

An Aries man is known to be a self-fulfilled person who doesn’t need other people to give color to his life. He enjoys solitude as much as adventures and simple gestures soften his tough heart. Oftentimes he requires me-times and it’s best to let him have it but stay at their side.

It is indeed difficult to love an Aries man but he is a treasure once you capture his heart. He may look strong on the outside, but inside he is just a child pretending to be an adult to protect himself from other people.