Aries Man Ghosted Me: Why He Ignores You & For How Long

There’s nothing more frustrating than when an Aries man ghosts you.

After all, the Aries man is full of ambition, so he should be able to get back to you and not ghost, right?

Let’s talk more about ghosting, especially when it comes to the Aries man and why he does it.

Aries Ghosting: Why Do They Do It?

aries ghosting

An Aries man knows particularly what he wants in a relationship. So if you’re not able to meet his requirements, then he might leave you hanging anytime by ghosting you.

Since he belongs to the fire sign, it is no wonder that he’ll get burned out and would eventually leave you with nothing but just smoke and ashes.

When talking about love, it is safe to say that an Aries man is a fantastic partner as he gives his utmost effort just to make the relationship work. However, if you don’t reciprocate the same love and enthusiasm he gives you, that’s when his fire turns into ice.

Now, I know that you did not just happen to stumble onto this article. Instead, you might have looked for it because there are quite a few questions running in your mind right now involving a special Aries man.

Questions like:

  • Why did he ghost you?
  • Why does he ignore you?
  • Why did he suddenly disappear?

Well, ask no more because I’m going to give you plenty of other reasons as to why the Aries man disappears like a ghost.

1) The Aries Man Isn’t Satisfied

An Aries man isn’t satisfied when you don’t reciprocate his energy and enthusiasm. He tends to be unstoppable and if you can’t keep up with his personality, like a ghost, he can easily disappear from your life.

While he is an energetic individual, an Aries man tends to be impatient especially if things are going too slow. So if you want to keep the Aries man satisfied, then you have to keep the momentum going from the moment that you meet him.

When he is no longer satisfied, they can dump you easily and without you knowing it, they have already moved on, or worse, they have already found someone you who gives them the satisfaction they need.

2) The Aries Man Is Bored

Being spontaneous in nature is what makes an Aries man an adventurous and fun partner. He has an energetic personality who always seeks new things and is ready for adventure, especially those that are unplanned or those that just happened in the burst of a moment.

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If you don’t want your Aries man to get bored, then you should match his zest for excitement. You should never run out of spontaneous plans and activities, such as unplanned trips and doing something unexpectedly crazy.

Let me emphasize to you that an Aries man strongly hates routine.

An Aries man can’t keep up with a boring partner who only wants to sit on the couch every night or do the same thing over and over again. If you are that kind of partner, then you should not blame him if he quickly loses his interest in you.

However, if you keep your relationship fun and exciting, I assure you that he will give you his 100% to keep you in his life.

How Long Will An Aries Man Ignore You?

The length of time that an Aries man would ignore you depends on the reason why he suddenly stopped communicating or why he ghosted you.

If you bore him and you don’t exert any effort to bring back the fire and excitement in your relationship, he might entirely kick you out of his life.

Another reason why an Aries man ignores you is when you restrict his freedom. They always want to have fun and try out new things so if you become a hinder to their freedom, then it will lead them to ignore you.

As mentioned earlier. an Aries man is unstoppable, and they won’t let anyone stomp their freedom when it comes to seeking a new adventure.

An Aries man would definitely ghost you forever if they no longer benefit from the relationship. They might be always fun and exciting, but an Aries man is a passionate lover who seeks meaning in life and love.

Just like seeking an adventure, they also seek a justifiable reason to keep a person in their life or vice versa.

What Happens When You Ghost An Aries?

what happens when you ghost an aires

An Aries man loves attention but they will never tolerate unjustifiable reasons when you try to ghost them. Even if they have already invested in you, they will undoubtedly block you out of their lives if you make them feel unimportant for whatever reason.

They may seem unaffected and confident, but an Aries man sobs behind his mask if you ghost them. They might appear cool on the outside, but they are already planning their way out to get your attention back.

However, an Aries man knows his worth as a person, so if you make them feel that invaluable, then that is the sign for them to end a relationship.

They don’t want to waste their time on someone who treats them as nothing. They believe that they deserve the best treatment and if they don’t get it, they can instantly remove you from their lives, quickly move on and get over it.

For an Aries man, ghosting without an acceptable reason is a behavior he cannot stand, he will immediately get up and find someone who would give him the worth and value he thinks he deserves.

If you want to keep an Aries man:

  • Don’t leave him hanging.
  • Instead, you have to support him.

If he sees you standing beside him, then it would be hard for him to let you go.

But if you do the other way around, it would be very easy for him to call it quits and he would probably find a new partner easily that would give him the things he needs.

Based on the characteristics mentioned above, it might seem like an Aries man is quite a self-centered individual when it comes to relationships.

However, they are willing to adjust once they have found the “one” for them. They know exactly what and who they want, and if they have finally found that, they will pursue that, they will pursue the relationship and will make it long-term.