Aries Man Eye Contact, Staring, & Wandering Eyes (Explained)

You can learn a lot about an Aries man by how much eye contact he makes with you.

However, this isn’t something that isn’t all that common behavior for an Aries man. Let’s talk more about what it means for the Aries man, as well as for you.

What Does It Mean When An Aries Man Stares At You?

what does it mean when an aries man stares at you

Aries men are known for showing their interest through eye contact. This means that if an Aries man is constantly looking at you he’s very interested in what he’s seeing.

Of course, figuring out what kind of interest is where things get interesting.

1) The Aries Man Likes What He Sees

So why are the eyes of that Aries always on you? Easy, the most straightforward answer is almost always the right one. He likes what he’s seeing.

While there’s no denying that sight is important for all of us they are even more important for men of the Aries sign. Aries is known for ruling the head and specifically the eyes. So if an Aries man is interested in you his eyes will be on you all the time.

When an Aries man is attracted to someone the main way they express it is through constant glances and visual attention. They might not be saying a lot but if you can feel those eyes on you all the time, they are really interested in you.

They honestly can’t help themselves. For an Aries man, those longing looks and constant attention is the way attraction is shown.

So if you are turning the head of an Aries man all the time then they must find you very attractive.

Of course, the eyes of Aries can tell you as much as their constant attention. Take a bet one of these days and look back at them, you might discover something new as you take a look at the mirrors of their soul.

2) The Aries Man Is Interested In You

By now we understand that the constant eyes of an Aries on you show a clear attraction. But how can we know if there’s more to it? Can this be the sign of something bigger?

Physical attraction plays a large role in turning eyes, we all know this. But the sight of an Aries can mean much more than just a passing fancy.

Are his eyes all over you even when you least expect it? If that Aries man can’t get his eyes away from you even in the most normal of moments then his interest might run deeper than physical attraction.

When it comes to an Aries man eye contact says it all. So it’s time to buckle up and make eye contact with them straight on. This will be key to determining his intentions.

Aries men want the objects of their interest to know they are paying attention. So did he avoid his gaze or double down? If he kept his sight on you confidently then that’s a p strong hint of his affections.

An Aries man doesn’t want to just take a look at you. They want you to feel the attention and bask in it, this is after all how they show to you how interested they truly are.

What Does It Mean To Have Wandering Eyes?

A person with wandering eyes is likely to check out, comment, or even praise other people besides their partner for their beauty.

In other words, to have wandering eyes means that you are paying attention to other people besides your significant one.

  • Is your partner someone who turns around when they see another woman on the streets?
  • Do they pass glances at other women when they think you aren’t looking?

If so they are a very clear example of someone with wandering eyes.

Of course, wandering eyes don’t always need to devolve into an argument, and ultimately how much this affects each couple comes down to their boundaries. But at the very least it can easily become an annoyance for many women.

Do Aries Men Have Wandering Eyes?

Most Aries men have wandering eyes and it makes a lot of sense. Not only are Aries men very visual, but they are energetic and impatient. So getting invested in new things is totally in line with their personality.

Aries is one of the signs most likely to exhibit wandering eyes behavior due to their general personality profile. First and foremost they always express interest through their sight. So gluing their eyes to new things is to be expected.

On top of that, Aries men are known for being impatient and looking for adventure. This means that they are far more likely to be invested in anything new in their environment. And this of course includes other people and women.

The same traits that make Aries men likely to linger their eyes on you make them likely to do the same to other people. So while wandering eyes isn’t necessarily a fixed trait of Aries men, most of them will exhibit it to some degree.

Is A Wandering Eye A Red Flag?

Wandering eyes can be a red flag. And while turning around to look at other women doesn’t have to mean cheating, it can still be a symptom of something wrong with a relationship.

An Aries man having wandering eyes shouldn’t be seen as an ultimatum on its own. As we’ve mentioned it is way too likely for them to exhibit this trait. But you must discover your stance on this.

Some people are okay with that passing and casual attraction. others can’t stand their partner to have wandering eyes. This is something that both of you need to discuss and agree on.

But what does it mean for your partner itself? It could be a casual interest of course. But it can also be a hint they are getting bored with you.

Nobody understands the eyes of your partner better than you. So the next time they end up listening to their wandering eyes pay close attention to their sight.

  • Do their eyes show simple curiosity?
  • Or do you see that spark of passion that used to be directed at you?

If it’s the latter then you need to start discussing things with your partner.

Aries Man Avoiding Eye Contact: Closing Words

For Aires men eye contact means everything in a relationship, so if they are avoiding your sight there is likely something they are hiding.

More often than not avoiding eye contact means there’s some degree of animosity towards you. Maybe they feel hurt or betrayed. One way or another they don’t want to expose themselves so openly to you.

Of course, if you are just starting to know each other nerves can be playing a role. The feelings of an Aries man are passionate and powerful, And looking at you directly risks showing everything that is in their hearts.

One way or another avoiding your sight means there’s something they don’t want you to see right now. Aries men speak with their eyes, so avoiding eye contact is like trying to avoid a chat.

The eyes of an Aries tell it all and with enough time and practice, you will learn to tell what each glance means in an instant. So be confident and the next time an Aries is looking at you glance right back at them. Who knows what you’ll find this time.