Aquarius Man Talking Dirty: Is He The Freaky Type?

Given the fact that the Aquarius man is one of the best communicators, it would make sense that he also knows how to dirty talk too, right? Absolutely!

Let’s talk about that, and don’t worry, you’re going to love what you read!

Aquarius Man Talking Dirty: Can He Be Freaky?

aquarius man talking dirty

The Aquarius man loves being freaky with his partner. If we are talking about a new hookup or a one-night stand, he will keep up with the best of them.

However, he is keeping his best material for that lady he has been with for a longer length of time.

If you score the attention of an Aquarius man, he will flirt and keep you begging for more. If you can get your hooks into him, you will stay satisfied many times.

Talking dirty with this man will make you hotter than ever. You will need this water bearer to cool you down with his attractive self. If you are the silent type he can work with that as well.

However, once he sees that you like to add dialogue to the bedroom experience, be prepared for anything as the Aquarius man can certainly get freaky.

He will not make you do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Nobody should ever do that of course. However, If you both agree, he is more than happy to be your partner in:

  • Role-play.
  • Crazy positions.
  • And even wild locations.

Yeah, it’s safe to say that the Aquarius man is good at much more than just dirty talking. In fact, let’s talk more about that next.

What Are Aquarius Good At Sexually?

This handsome, confident, and egotistical man is ruled by the planet Uranus. This birth sign is likely to be a creator of new ideas. He is a unique individual who brings surprising changes to every situation.

This translates to his bedroom behavior. One minute you might be on your back over the bed, and the next moment you find yourself moving to the living room.

He begins his adventures by talking dirty to you. He loves to make you get so turned on that you cannot take it anymore.

This excites him. He wants you to practically beg for it by the time it happens.

He will love to explore every inch of your body with his hands and his mouth. Let him be the creative and romantic artist he was always meant to be. You can be the canvas that becomes his masterpiece.

Once you know where you stand with this man, you can be comfortable doing anything together. Everything is possible. Boring is not an option.

How Do You Sext An Aquarius?

how do you sext an aquarius

You will want to start slowly sexting at first. Let him believe it is his own idea. If he decides you are the fish he wants to reel into his bedroom, he will be a huge flirt. You want to keep his attention at this point. Make yourself stand out amongst the other fish in the sea.

The best way to outshine all the other girls will be to express yourself with a sexy text. He will notice you most definitely.

Please do not begin with explicit pictures. This is important.

He wants to chase a woman. If you give him too much upfront he will not want to keep going after you. An Aquarius also does not want to deal with jealousy or a broken heart.

  • Do not tell him endless stories about all the bad men you have dealt with.
  • Do not accuse him of being with other women.
  • Keep it light and fun.

At first, you will want to lightly tease the Aquarius man. Drive him crazy! After you get past the initial stages of the friendship or relationship, and into the comfort zone, you can be as wild as you want.

If you want to sext with an Aquarius man, my advice is to just go for it. He has many friends and many types of relationships going on all at once. This is especially true during his younger adult years.

He may have a cocky kind of vibe that can make you feel a bit intimidated at first. Once you get past that facade, he will trust you with his inner core. You will learn quickly that he loves the sexual type of attention.

How Does An Aquarius Get Turned On?

A sexy smile or a friendly gesture will work to open up his innermost desires and get him turned on. Note that you may not realize you are getting to him in the beginning…

He may notice your butt as you walk away, or how your hair sways as you move about the room. Once you catch his attention, you must begin to let him slowly reel you in. There is an art to turning on this handsome devil.

The worst thing a woman can do with this type of man is act desperate. He will view this as a huge turnoff. The secret is playing it cool in the beginning. Nothing gets him hotter than a woman who can hold his interest without giving it up right away.

The Aquarius man is a very friendly guy who is open to anything. When you do manage to get him turned on, it will be so much fun to pleasure him and be his partner in return.

An Aquarius is capable of almost anything sexually. He can be the kinkiest lover you have ever been with or the most normal bedroom partner. It really depends on the type of woman he is with. He will try to meet her on every point.

He is a friendly guy who will have tons of male and female friends. You must be confident about that aspect. He will be turned off by a woman who acts too jealous or needy.

The best advice for scoring an Aquarius man is classic. Just be yourself. Be friendly and fun to be around. Everyone wins.