Aries Man Broke Up With Me: How Does He Act After Breakup?

There’s nothing worse than the feelings that come along with breaking up. But why on earth would an Aries man do this, and how does he act after the breakup?

Let’s discuss some of the questions that come along with this type of heartbreak.

Why Would Aries Man Break Up With You?

why would aries man break up with you

An Aries man could break up with you for the following reasons: you pressured him to maintain a stable relationship, you asked him to give up some of his activities to be together, or you didn’t trust him.

If you go through a difficult situation, you simply have to understand that sometimes a man is not compatible with a woman. The Aries man hates:

  • Being pressured.
  • Being told what to do.
  • As well as not being trusted.

Here are some more reasons as to why the Aries man might revert to breaking up.

1) The Aries Man Is Stubborn

The Aries man believes in himself and has his own convictions which he does not negotiate or question. This makes him a stubborn individual who will never change his mind.

He firmly believes that his girlfriend/wife should trust him as he is a very sincere individual. If you have not trusted him it has probably upset him very much.

Aries is naturally hyperactive because he has an enormous amount of energy to channel. He lives that way and is satisfied with his intense daily routine.

He will never give up his many activities to be with you but will be there for you in the little free time he has.

If you do not accept these conditions he will stop being your partner, as simple as that.

The Aries man fears losing his full freedom and therefore does not like to be pressured in any area of life. He likes to have total control of his destiny and does not want external factors to intervene in his decisions.

If you pressured him to have a more stable relationship, he probably felt invaded and that led him to end the relationship.

2) The Aries Man Is Always Busy

The Aries man’s priority is work and then all the activities he chooses to do. If a romantic relationship takes time away from his work or any of his other activities he will not hesitate to separate from his girlfriend/wife.

It may also happen that he senses your anger when he can’t be with you and that could frustrate him because you don’t accept him as he is.

Aries chooses to lead a busy lifestyle because he feels comfortable that way. Quietness bores him and he needs to constantly challenge himself to test his self-worth. Logically he then has little time to enjoy a loving relationship.

He wants his partner to understand and accept his lifestyle. If that doesn’t happen, he will decide to split up straight away.

You must understand that Aries is always busy because that is his lifestyle. He is not running away from you, he is simply living his life as he sees fit. If you don’t agree with him it may be best for both of you to separate.

Aries is not going to change his ways and you don’t have to accept conditions that you don’t agree with.

How Does An Aries Feel After A Breakup?

Aries feels angry after a breakup because he does not like to lose in any area of life. The Aries man feels frustrated even though he himself decided the breakup.

He always works for success and satisfaction, including love relationships. He suffers for having chosen the wrong partner but he believes in himself and trusts that next time he will have better luck in love.

Aries is a resilient individual, so he will be angry for only one day and then have enough willpower to move on quickly. After a breakup, Aries feels good a few days later and is back to his old seductive self.

He doesn’t hold grudges against his ex-partners because he understands that life goes on. He will continue to look for the woman who accepts his busy lifestyle and who will never pressure him with any type of questions.

Remember that Aries does not give in to his interests and for him, the priority is work and all his activities. It is not convenient for you to be with a man with whom you do not share his outlook on life.

Do Aries Get Back With Their Ex?

Aries may return to an ex-partner under certain conditions. He wants to move on with his busy lifestyle and wants you to accept that.

In this circumstance, you should analyze how you adapt to the daily routine of the Aries man. It is in your best interest to have your own activities and be enthusiastic about various projects.

If the two of you have a similar lifestyle, it is more likely that you will understand and support each other.

If the two of you become a stable couple again, you should trust that this time you will get along well. Never resume a love relationship if you don’t trust that everything will work out.

In some circumstances, the Aries man does not go back to his ex-partner because he is decisive in his decisions. If you do not accept him as he is, he will not hesitate to separate because he does not accept failure from any point of view.

The essence of Aries is crossed by success, victory, and conquest.

How Does An Aeries Act After A Breakup?

After a breakup, Aries immediately distances himself from his ex-partner, and the next day he is already starting a new life.

He holds no grudges from the past and is always ready to start over if circumstances dictate. He understands that he broke up because there were reasons to do so, so he will not regret it.

He is very decisive when it comes to making decisions since his impulsive temperament does not allow him to reflect on what he does.

So if an Aries man broke up with you, you should know that you are facing a stubborn man who is unlikely to change his mind. Keep in mind that if you go back to an Aries man he will impose his conditions again.

You must analyze if you accept those conditions and if you can adapt to his lifestyle.