Aquarius Man Silent Treatment: Why He Has Stopped Talking To You

The silent treatment can be disrespectful and flat-out annoying. So why does the Aquarius man have to revert to this type of childish behavior? Let’s talk more about it.

Why Do Aquarius Give The Silent Treatment?

why do aquarius give the silent treatment

When you are talking to or dating an Aquarius man, one of the things that will constantly surprise you is how often he decides to give you the silent treatment. It seems like out of nowhere.

This usually quiet or aloof guy starts shutting down and simply ignoring your efforts at communication. Here are two reasons why he is ignoring you.

1) Aquarius Man Dislikes Drama

For an Aquarius man, a healthy relationship means you have a strong sense of self and don’t need him to validate your existence. In other words, he doesn’t care whether you exist or not.

When dating an Aquarius man, you must remember this fact because his disinterest will usually be expressed by giving you silent treatment during arguments or when he believes the relationship is no longer fun.

For an Aquarius man, it’s always about what’s in his head, and ignoring you is the best way to make sure you are listening.

Aquarius men are resistant to drama, so instead of voicing their thoughts or feelings, he might refuse to deal with you by avoiding any contact whatsoever.

Maintaining good relationships is very important for an Aquarius man, but this sensitivity can also be a liability because sometimes they’re too afraid to express their concerns. If the relationship isn’t going well or if there’s too much petty bickering, he’ll withdraw.

Instead of vocalizing his frustrations, the Aquarius man will refuse to deal with anyone at all, including friends and family members who might otherwise want to help him heal the rift. T

his reaction is best qualified as passive-aggressive behavior because giving someone “the silent treatment” doesn’t mean he wants them gone.

2) Aquarius Man Doesn’t Want To Deal With You

One common misconception about Aquarius men is that they do not feel. While it’s true that many of them are very emotional, most are also pathological liars with no scruples about how they treat others.

Many Aquarius men are emotionally immature, so you might wonder if he does not want to talk about what’s going on with you after dating him for a while.

While some Aquarius men are also very good at answering unspoken questions, most of them will withdraw as a way to protect themselves from criticism or prying questions.

What is the best way for an Aquarius man to deal with his problems? If he doesn’t feel like dealing with it now, he’ll avoid the issue until the last possible moment.

It becomes difficult for his friends and family members because they want to help him, but he doesn’t know how to ask for help. Eventually, he’ll tell you to leave, but this means that eventually, he’ll replace you with someone else who doesn’t expect so much of him.

Aquarius men are only concerned with their feelings, and they’ll usually want you to leave if you make him feel bad about himself. In this sense, he’s not trying to punish you for getting too close; he doesn’t know how to communicate effectively with other people.

If you’ve ever wondered why an Aquarius man gives you the silent treatment, look no further than his insecurities. While he might not want to deal with the problem, that doesn’t mean it will go away or that you’ll quickly forget about it.

aquarius man doesn't want to deal with you

As a very stubborn sign, you can expect an Aquarius man to do anything he has to withdraw from the situation emotionally.

In most cases, this lack of communication is nothing personal and has nothing to do with how he feels about you. If your Aquarius man suddenly starts giving you the silent treatment, it’s best not to ask for an explanation because he probably won’t offer one.

Suppose you’ve ever wondered why your Aquarius man stops talking to you out of the blue. In that case, it’s usually because he feels overwhelmed and wants to protect himself from the possibility of getting hurt by someone else.

He might not want to tell you that he just lost his job or that his feelings have been hurt in some way, so instead, he might avoid you, especially when it seems like you’re a little too needy or clingy for his taste.

Most Aquarius men are very inconsistent, and if they don’t want to deal with something right now, they’ll ignore you until their problems go away on their own.

Aquarius men are very independent, and they usually don’t want to deal with anything that might hold them back from doing what they want.

Why Do Aquarius Not Text Back?

Aquarius men are all about themselves, and they don’t like to be tied down. If he’s not trying to break up with you, the silent treatment might mean that he wants more space than usual. The same goes for texting.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he does not care about your feelings, but it means that he is looking for a way out of the relationship. The silent treatment works well for an Aquarius man because it’s painless and doesn’t make his life more complicated than it has to be.

An Aquarius man might avoid talking to you if he feels like you want him to be something he isn’t. While you might feel secure in your relationship or emotionally connected to him, the Aquarius male feels like he is losing himself when he tries to get close to someone else.

When it comes to love, an Aquarius man is looking for a companion who can make his life easier; not more complicated. He might start giving you the silent treatment if he feels overwhelmed by your closeness and all of your attention.

What Happens If You Ignore Aquarius Man?

If you start ignoring your Aquarius male, he’ll probably get used to it very quickly. While he might initially put up a fight, he’ll eventually start to feel relieved when you stop trying.

He will then assume that you are not worth his time and that he doesn’t have to treat you like a priority.

An Aquarius man will start giving you the silent treatment if he feels like you’re trying to suffocate him with your emotions and all of the demands that come along with being in a relationship. To avoid feeling trapped, an Aquarius male will ignore his partner until she goes away.

Is The Aquarius Man Testing You? Final Thoughts

Aquarius men are pretty much the most dramatic-resistant people out there. They don’t want to deal with any drama and will avoid contact when they feel like it will cause them pain in some way.

The best thing you can do is be a friend, don’t try to make him change or fix his problems for him because he won’t appreciate that at all. He’ll probably cut off communication altogether if you keep doing this.

As far as their feelings go, everything revolves around them, so if you say something that makes him question himself, then he might get mad and leave. This doesn’t mean he loves you less, though, it just means that from an emotional standpoint, it hurt his feelings.