Aquarius Man Narcissist: Is He The Most Manipulative?

Don’t you just hate when people play mind games with you?

While the Aquarius man is can certainly be considered as clever, he’s not always going to use cleverness to mentally manipulate you.

On the other hand, it sometimes can happen. Let’s talk more about this specific subject.

Can An Aquarius Man Be A Narcissist?

can an aquarius man be a narcissist

The Aquarius man is rarely a narcissist. He can appear to be self-centered and confident, but he has every reason to be.

He is good at doing many things and a strong achiever. Many of these men do extremely well in life. Mistaking him for a narcissist is an easy mistake to make at first.

The Aquarius man just has a huge ego. He is very friendly and seems to have everything under control even when he could be suffering on the inside. He does this because he does not want to cause alarm in you. He loves things to be fun and easygoing. That way there is little conflict.

He may appear “stuck-up” or quiet at times. This is because he does not want to offend you. He loves attention from a woman. He might have a tough time keeping one around though because he seems so high on himself.

You just need to remember he was born this way and try to get past it. Otherwise, you will miss out on all the great qualities an Aquarius man has to offer.

Is Aquarius The Most Manipulative?

The Aquarius man is not known to be the most manipulative sign of the zodiac. By far, the fast-talking Gemini or evil genius Scorpio is far more likely to talk you into manipulating you.

This gentle soul born under the planet Uranus does have the talent to sell you a car or get you to change your belief on a controversial topic.

Yet, that is not because he is trying to get away with something. He just has a natural ability to understand the person he is talking with. He is a highly sensitive and very intelligent human being.

The Aquarius man does not tend to use his superpowers in a cruel way though. He loves making friends. He enjoys people so much that he will say almost anything to get you to like him.

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In his own funny way, he is a warm, genuine person. You should just try to enjoy his company and not worry about him tricking you. Even if the romance does not work out, the friendship probably will.

How Do You Know If An Aquarius Man Is Lying?

When the Aquarius man needs to tell a lie he is squirming on the inside. He is not able to hide it well.

If you happen to be in the room with him when he is lying you will see him act noticeably uncomfortable.

  • His arms and legs will move awkwardly.
  • His words will not be shaking though.

If he were to tell you a lie on video chat or even over the phone you might not even notice it.

When you are dealing with an Aquarius man you are dealing with someone who trusts you. This means he is not going to tell many lies unless it is to protect one of his friends.

Once you establish a friendship with the water bearer, you will find comfort and truth. If you go after one of his brothers he will protect them with fierce loyalty.

Once you understand that, you can move forward to a place where he gives you that same respect. If you become the one he falls in love with, he will protect you with every power he has.

Are Aquarius Psychopaths?

Not at all. The Aquarius might show signs of instability if someone is able to shake him off his course. In this instance, his anger will get the best of his sound judgment.

Other times when he feels overwhelmed by life, he will go and hide in his shell. He will want to be alone to process his feelings. When he says:

It’s me, not you…

…he means just that.

He may not have as much empathy for your feelings as you want at times. This is because he is consumed with his own emotions and feelings.

If you have an argument with the Aquarius man, you must wait until he is completely calm again to process your views and realign the relationship.

The true nature of this water sign is fairly rigid and strives to live life properly. He thrives when life is cool. If you are a well-balanced person, he will feed off that and you could work for a great stable relationship.

Sometimes there is a fire that only this type of man can put out. He will be the one to break up a fight among friends.

Anyone who is a fire sign like the Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius can work him up and feed against his energy. It may be in a good way where the bedroom is concerned. It could also be a disaster if he is constantly trying to put out your heat waves.

About Aquarius Weaknesses: Closing Words

The Aquarius man is ruled by the planet Uranus. This means change is normal for him. He may live in the mountains when you meet him, but do not be surprised when he tells you he is ready to live by the sea.

What you believe is true for him, in the beginning, is usually proven wrong. He seems like a narcissist before you get to know him. Then you will find out he just has a strong ego.

The Aquarius man may seem like the silent type or the crazy one at times. He is just overthinking and overprocessing his emotions. If you have made him mad you will know it. However, he will not stay mad long and you will find a great friend in this water sign.

It takes a while to get to know the Aquarius man. His body language is and words are normally misinterpreted. His cockiness is only confidence.

He will be the boyfriend you stay friends with after it ends. If you do end up in a marriage with the Aquarius, you will gain a loyal, sweet and, hard-working man who will make you very proud.