Why Are Libras So Distant? (The 4 Biggest Reasons Why)

There’s a rhyme and reasons as to why Libras like to get so distant. Let’s talk more about this topic so that you can find out exactly why they do this.

Why Are Libras So Distant? 3 Reasons Why

why are libras so distant

Do you have Libras in your life? Do they seem to keep their distance? They are often described as being distant, cold, and challenging. These traits are what make the Libras so unique.

In this blog post, we explore why Libras are so remote.

1) Libras Leverage Flexibility

Libras are not distant because they want to avoid commitment, but rather by their nature, they are flexible and can’t be tied to one person or project.

Though this flexibility also causes loneliness as their isolation is difficult for them to escape from.

Libras see themselves as changeable and fluid creatures with many masks, so each day brings a new opportunity for adventure. This lends itself perfectly to the wanderlust that drives those born under this sign both now and historically.

Though often traveling means staying gone quite a while longer than initially planned, it is balanced out by the passion and love affairs brought about by chance meetings in countries near and far.

For those who find themselves surrounded more oft than not by strangers’ faces, it can be hard to feel rooted or at home with the same people around every day.

Libras are all about freedom and flexibility. This is why they do not like to commit or settle down with a person, place, or thing too soon.

When their minds change rapidly from day to night, it can be hard to stick with one path in life. Since Libras keep their options open, they do not like to settle down.

Despite being one of the more “friendly” air signs, Libras are still an air sign, which means they have a slightly frustrating trait of seeming never to get close to people.

They can be open and share their feelings with anyone, but for some reason, when it comes time for intimacy or getting into something emotionally with someone else–no matter how close they might feel, Libras seem to back up and go cold almost by instinct.

This is a balancing mechanism that works both ways. Sometimes Librans need space from others, and other times they’re afraid others will grow tired of their energy and eventually leave them alone altogether.

The good news is that if you do manage to stay in contact with Libras enough, you’ll find that they can be hot and loving. They do have a deep sting of heartbreak from the past, though it’s hard for those who don’t know their history well enough to see through this.

2) Libras Love Getting Attention

Libras are not always distant or aloof. They might be looking for attraction with the person they desire, and when they find it, instead of drawing near, they will likely continue to play “distance.”

Another possibility is that Libras go over something in their mind repeatedly before making a decision. So while the Libra is thinking about you, he might have decided there are more desirable people out there who may want him too.

Libras are not always the most persistent of signs, but they love getting attention. If you’re ignoring them or giving them mixed signals, they may feel that someone else wants their attention more than you do.

It’s this feeling that makes Libras go after other people because if another isn’t pursuing them, why should they bother with you?

Libras like to get attention, but not all of them are jerks about it. They may be distant and aloof because they want the other person in their life to make a move first! If someone is interested in them, though, they will probably come around pretty quickly.

3) Libras Indulge In Indecisiveness

A lot of people can’t understand why Libras are so indecisive. They have difficulty defining their boundaries, they drift in and out of relationships with ease, and sometimes it feels like they’ll never commit to anything.

But the truth is this instability is something people with Libra dominant personalities crave, it fulfills a need for balance.

Libras are also very indecisive because they have a conflict between what is right and wrong. Sometimes, Librans will change their minds about things several times until they can’t stand it anymore.

It’s not that Libra individuals don’t want to make up their minds, but it’s challenging to do so.

Libra is the sign that stands for “Justice.” Libras are not as distant as they seem, they want to find a way to experience justice in their lives. In terms of relationships, Librans have a deep need for fairness and balance.

They do not play games or try tricky plays. Instead, they go about their days being fair and balanced until they can find a sense of peace within themselves.

4) Unlucky You, Libras Are Unreliable

Libras are disappointed by the world. They’re held back by their regrets. Libras are depressed people who sometimes feel that nothing is enough to make it better or that they aren’t deserving, all of which ends up making them unreliable in your eyes.

There are multiple factors involved in Libra’s tendency to distance themselves. On the one hand, their tendencies to be detached and constantly second-guessing themselves can make them feel like they don’t want anything out of people, not to seem too eager or clingy.

Libras also tend to believe in working for what they get rather than taking it, which can sometimes hinder them from asking for help or showing gratitude when someone has helped them.

While that sounds good, it also means that Libras are unskilled at recognizing other people’s needs, which makes it hard for friends and family members who need support from time to time.

Why Do Libras Go Silent?

Libras go silent when things are out of balance.

The best way to deal with a situation in which you’re feeling troubled and out-of-balance is to be silent so that your energy can catch up with itself and you can center yourself again.

This could involve meditating quietly for several minutes or an hour alone in your room, or taking a walk in nature, listening to the sounds around you without too much input from other people doing their own thing.

This is because we all have different energies; we call it “recharging one’s batteries.” how does this type of isolation exactly work?

Libras go silent when they’re feeling weighed down by other people. Sometimes, Librans may think that their friends or family are asking too much of them, causing a sense of stress within themselves.

In these cases, Libra will often close up to protect themselves from the “toxicity” around them. The best way to deal with toxic people is to take a step away from them and then come back when you feel better prepared.

Librans also tend to go silent because they’re overwhelmed by their emotions, making it difficult for Libras during specific periods throughout the month. When this happens, all Libra wants is to be alone and quiet to center themselves.

Libras go silent when they’re trying to grasp their life choices or where they see their lives going into the future. This is because Librans love doing research, which means that if there’s a problem weighing them down, Libra will find out as much information as possible before making a decision.

This can be helpful with solving problems, but it also makes Libras indecisive because they have so many options to choose from that don’t necessarily feel right at all times.

When this happens, Libra will go silent to process what’s happening and how best to move forward without feeling overwhelmed.

Libras Distancing Themselves: Final Words

Libras are knowledgeable, private people who can often feel weighed down by the world around them.

When they distance themselves from others, it’s because they’re trying to get a grip on their emotions or go into research mode to make sense of something that you’ve said or done, which was upsetting for some reason.

This is because Librans are a compassionate sign, which means that they take everything to heart, and few things go unnoticed.

Libras will always come back because you’re important to them- it’s just that their need for balance might make them distant at certain times throughout the month or when they feel stressed out by something going on in your relationship.