Why Are Capricorns So Mean? (About Being Selfish)

Are Capricorns mean, or are they simply just misunderstood? Let’s talk more about Capricorns and the reasons for why they come off as mean and rude.

Why Are Capricorns So Mean? 4 Big Reasons

why are capricorns so mean

Capricorns are often misunderstood, but they’re not that mean. Sure, they may be a little more severe than other zodiac signs, but don’t let their tough exterior fool you.

They love with all of their heart and are loyal to the end. So what is it about Capricorn that makes them seem so mean?

1) Capricorns Are Very Selfish

The one thing that makes the Capricorn persona seem to be mean is their selfishness. In almost every situation, Capricorn places themselves first.

They have all of these high expectations for everyone around them and put their needs above anyone else’s.

So if you’re ever wondering why your Aries girlfriend isn’t calling you back, it’s because she was too busy thinking about herself to bother.

Capricorns are often accused of being selfish, as they love to be in control and want things done their way. While it’s admirable that Capricorn people feel ready for management at a young age, it can sometimes come across as abrasive or controlling to other folks.

That doesn’t mean Capricorn people are bad, but you need to take into consideration what leads them to act like this in the first place if you’re dealing with one on your hands.

Given that they’re such fixed and determined people, these earth signs will do whatever needs to be done to get their way. People may say that this is one of the reasons why Capricorns are mean.

Plus, it’s tough to change a Capricorn’s mind once they’ve made up their mind, and things like friends and family take a backseat when compared to their decisions.

Capricorns work overtime for everything they want in life because they know there’s not going to be anyone else working as hard as them if any luck happens for them at all.

So if someone dares put themselves before the desires of a Capricorn, then you can guarantee it won’t go well out of spite.

2) Capricorns Can Be Seen As Cold

Capricorns can be seen as cold and detached because they need time to recharge their batteries and get ready for what’s coming next.

It can feel like they’re shutting down and pulling away from the people who love them the most during this rebirth process. A common misconception is that Capricorn is a stern or grumpy sign.

Still, its perceived severity comes from its focus on discipline and organization, which you typically only see at certain life stages (the early twenties) or when someone’s struggling to take care of everything (say after a breakup).

This zodiac sign often takes responsibility with grace without feeling burdened by anything other than knowing what needs to be done.

Capricorns are one of the zodiac signs that doesn’t sugar coat anything. They tell things as they see them because nothing is worse than falseness. In a sense, they’re truth vigilantes, if you will.

In addition to being truthful, their high standards can also be very intimidating and demanding to others. For instance, they tend to overdo something until it meets a level of perfection.

It leads to them being critical and not afraid to give constructive criticism when needed. Hence, people have the opportunity for improvement at the expense of others’ feelings in the process.

Ultimately, there’s no need to feel concerned about being classified with this sign because it means that you’re an independent and goal-oriented person who is always striving to be the best version of yourself.

3) Capricorns Like Keeping To Themselves

Capricorns like to keep to themselves. They prefer solitude and quiet, which is why they spend so much time alone in their room. Indeed, they find interacting with others too exhausting.

This doesn’t mean that Capricorns can’t be nice, but it does mean that they’re not the most approachable folks on the planet.

It’s true. Capricorns are sometimes seen as dark and moody. But Capricorns are also incredibly ambitious, they don’t have time to hang out with everyone else because they’re too busy achieving their own goals.

If you make space in your life for a Capricorn, they might surprise you and be the most dependable friend you’ve ever had.

4) Capricorns Live Up To Very High Standards

Capricorns live up to very high standards. They feel they were born to do something unique and enormous.

Their lives are oriented around work, career, and their obligation to others which often leaves them feeling exhausted, drained of all emotions, not just happy ones.

Capricorns are all about responsibility, accountability, and taking care of themselves. They like people who also have high standards because not only do they mirror the Capricorn’s good example, but people who do things properly can also help take care of them too.

It may seem a bit strange, but there are a few explanations for this. One, in particular, is that Capricorns don’t have the highest levels of empathy. This could explain why they’re always so focused on what’s going to happen next.

Another explanation is that they’re just trying to be prepared because it’s during the winter season when things get harsh and cold out.

Keep in mind that Saturn was depicted as being often rather miserable, so he might have been one of the reasons our zodiac sign took on these types of qualities.

Why Are Capricorns Bad People?

Capricorns are said to be cold, distant, and tight-fisted. In truth, the ones that you meet will likely prove to be as generous as they are organized.

The trouble with being a Capricorn is that they have a sharp tongue and enjoy telling it like it is, which can sometimes lead them into conflict.

This means that it’s easy for other zodiac signs to mistrust them or assume a lousy attitude against a Capriconia before getting to know them better. The coldness, the distance part being completely unrelated from their personality type.

As long as you don’t mind their blunt remarks, you’re bound to have an enjoyable time with one of these determined individuals. It’s just too bad that others often don’t give them a chance to show their soft side.

Capricorn Is Mean To Me: Closing Words

Capricorns are not mean. They’ve just misunderstood and highly driven individuals who love accomplishing big goals and working hard toward achieving those ambitions.

They do have high standards, but that doesn’t necessarily make them perfectionists, though they certainly strive for perfection. They’re just focused on getting to that goal and nothing else.