Virgo Man Hot And Cold Behavior (Explained)

Have you ever felt like a specific Virgo man was just so unpredictable?

If so, then you’re definitely onto something, as the Virgo man is most certainly capable of switching back and forth from being hot and cold.

Let’s talk much more about this topic.

Virgo Man Hot And Cold

virgo man hot and cold

The Virgo man can be a hot and cold lover. He is often attracted to strong women who can handle him. He wants someone who can keep up with his fast-paced lifestyle and is always on the go.

However, the Virgo man can also be very critical and demanding. This can often lead to conflicts and disagreements in the relationship.

Virgo man will often complain that he is not getting enough attention in the relationship.

People born under the Virgo sign are perfectionists and expect their partners to live up to their standards of behavior. They can also be very critical of their partner’s appearance. If they find something wrong with their lover, they will not hesitate in letting them know about it.

The Virgo man is also known for being a loyal and committed partner. He will often be the one who puts in the most effort into making the relationship work. He wants to find someone he can trust and rely on and is not afraid of committing to a long-term relationship.

Why Virgo Man Goes Hot And Cold

There are several reasons why the Virgo man can go hot and cold in a relationship. He wants to be intelligent, attractive and can keep up with him intellectually.

Here are other reasons why he may go hot and cold.

1) The Virgo Man Hates Surprises

It’s the denial of surprise and silence that pleases him. Virgos love to be in control, but there’s a big difference between being in control and feeling controlled.

People who only want to talk about their feelings and problems can wear him down. But one compliment from them might keep him going for weeks.

Just because he wants plenty of space doesn’t mean he doesn’t care or love you, it just means he refuses to allow his own emotions force-feeding down his throat too many times.

Virgo guys also hate drama, so if anything feels like it could come back around and bite them later, they would rather cut things short than deal with it at all. Virgo men love it when you flaunt your intelligence and make them feel like they can learn something from you.

Many people may not think about this, but if a person is hot and cold in relationships, they are probably the opposite in all other aspects of life.

It’s part of their personality to be so different from everyone they meet because they constantly alter roles and act as who they think the other person wants them to be.

A Virgo man, for example, is not the same with his work colleagues as he is with his friend, and this is because he needs to be a different person to suit that environment.

2) The Virgo Man Is An Overthinker

The Virgo man is an over-thinker. Virgos are all about the details, and they value making sure things are done right. That’s why he can’t let go of something if he knows it isn’t right, it eats at him until there’s nothing left to salvage.

If you’re trying to get your Virgo Man back, then understand that his hot/cold tendencies can be pointers to how tightly wound he is.

Expectations play a vital role in this. If you went on an epic date with your Virgo Man where everything seemed perfect, don’t expect the same level of perfection every time or disappointment will follow, maybe even some coldness while he adjusts expectations accordingly.

They know what they want, and they won’t settle for less. That’s a Virgo man on the market for a good woman. If you are that woman, be patient and understand that he probably needs some time to himself.

Another reason why the Virgo man can go hot and cold in a relationship is that he often needs approval from his partner. He wants to know that he is doing things right and meeting his partner’s expectations.

If he feels like he is not meeting these expectations, he will often go cold on the relationship.

3) The Virgo Man Feels A Lot Of Pressure

It’s a common misconception that Virgo men are indecisive or unable to decide. This is just not true.

Virgo men tend towards perfectionism and work hard at everything they do, so it becomes difficult to change after weighing all of the pros and cons of a decision they’re making.

However, if their internal needs change from what was initially decided on–as often happens in life, it will likely infuriate him more than any other sign. It’s best to keep this in mind if you are the Virgo man about to make a decision.

In a Virgo man’s mind, he always has to have answers to every question. He feels the pressure from being aware that his actions and decisions affect those around him as a member of society.

It can be hard to even think about making a decision one way or another because it could change the course of someone else’s life or have unforeseen consequences down the line.

As you can imagine, the Virgo man feels immense pressure to be perfect in everything he does. For them, perfection is an ideal that is hard, but essential, to achieve.

To him, it’s not worth trying if he knows there are imperfections present in the result. This thinking makes life difficult for him because it’s hard to be content with anything less than perfection.

Virgo Max Mixed Signals: Final Words

The Virgo man is often attracted to strong women who can handle him. Because of this, he can go hot and cold in their relationships, but there are other reasons too.

We’ve already mentioned the pressure they feel from society and themselves so that it could be a combination of many things at play here.