Scorpio Man Eye Contact: Why He Smiles And Stares

There’s a lot to be learned when a Scorpio man makes eye contact. First things first, let’s talk about if eye contact is something that the Scorpio man likes.

Do Scorpios Like Eye Contact?

do scorpios like eye contact

Scorpios like eye contact. It is necessary for them to feel connected to someone they’re trying to get close to romantically. A Scorpio man will make eye contact when he’s interested.

You can tell very quickly if he likes what he sees by how they look at you during the conversation.

If their eyes are darting from your face to another part of your body and then away again, then they’re most likely not interested.

When a Scorpio looks into your eyes, they may be wondering if you feel the same way and want the same thing.

This person will then try anything in their power-even seemingly silly or unromantic behavior-to find out more about you and your feelings on this matter. This includes:

  • Holding still and focusing intently on you.
  • Make frequent eye contact when meeting someone new.
  • Even staring with intense interest into your eyes at the end of a date.
  • Constantly looking deep into your eyes while speaking conversationally with you.

Scorpio Man Smiles And Stares: Why He Does It

Scorpio men are notoriously difficult to read, but when they make eye contact with you, what is it that they’re thinking?

When a Scorpio man makes eye contact with you, it can be hard to tell if he’s interested or not. But there’s one thing for sure: He sees you.

1) The Scorpio Man Is Analyzing You

The Scorpio man is performing an in-depth analysis of your energy, thoughts, and possibly even your business.

If you happen to be the kind of person who has given someone their elevator pitch 50 times this week, then this man knows all about that too. He doesn’t miss a thing.

The Scorpio man does not know how to stop analyzing things either. He’s always got something on his mind. It’s just part of being a deep person with strong intuition who needs answers before he can rest comfortably.

He smiles when he is interested or in a spirited discussion with you because it’s his way of showing that the two of you are connecting intelligently.

He looks deeply into your eyes at the same time, too, to truly get into what you’re trying to express or feeling. If he stares intensely, then this means that he wants to analyze every part of you and offer information.

It might be periodic, but it also seems like he can’t stop himself from giving this full attention at certain times, so don’t feel too uneasy under all that scrutiny.

Give him back something enticing, piquing his curiosity and probing his analytical side by telling him about some new thing you’re working on or telling him about your day.

2) The Scorpio Man Is Intrigued By You

The Scorpio man is intrigued by you, and his stare means different things for him. He may be attracted to you, or he’s more of a “look but don’t touch” type.

If the Scorpio man is uncomfortable, it likely has something to do with old habits or preconceived notions of what he thinks it means when a woman stares back at him. If the look is not returned- feelings are hurt.

If the Scorpio man likes you, the last thing you want to do is look away; otherwise, this could lead them to think that they’re not of any interest.

If they are more of an “I’ll wait until I get what I want then reciprocate,” that would mean that if eye contact is not returned, they will eventually stop making any effort.

This is the kind of Scorpio that would rather sit and wait for something to happen or someone else to take action.

3) The Scorpio Man Certainly Likes You

This person will be “staring” because he likes you. Scorpios are known for watching others and judging them before they consider getting closer to them.

He may even smile while staring; this is a positive thing that signals high-interest levels in someone.

So if there’s any confusion, it’s perfectly reasonable to feel like something is up, but do not be afraid. Next time you see someone who would go mystic on your junk, tell him how she feels with honesty and enjoys some company.

Hopefully, without the kill-your-darlings style of astrology, you will be able to see that an intense gaze is a reflection of the Scorpio man’s strong interest in you.

How To Get The Scorpio Man To Notice You

If you want to know how to get the Scorpio man to notice you, you need to be aware of all three interpretations.

Once he intriguingly catches your attention, it will most likely lead him into giving more information about his feelings, whether they are good or bad.

The first thing you need to determine is if he IS noticing you. There are a few things that can make him notice you.

1) Make Eye Contact Back

The scorpion man is one of the most sensitive creatures in the zodiac. They are often caring and protective of their loved ones, but they need to feel that same understanding and thoughtfulness from those around them.

They also crave intimacy with their partners, which does not happen automatically without an assertive approach from their significant other.

The Scorpio man will be attracted to you if you make eye contact back (which he will like because it usually means receptive on some level).

Pick out his favorite lovelies, lovelies being a compliment in this situation:

  • Flowers.
  • Perfume.
  • An attractive costume for a special night.

If he doesn’t notice or appreciate your efforts here, then find someone who will.

If he is not interested, then the Scorpio man might be more of a ‘look but don’t touch type or have some preconceived notions about what it means when you look at them.

If the look is not returned- feelings are hurt. The last thing you want to do if he IS attracted to you, is look away. Otherwise, this could lead him into thinking that they’re not of any interest.

This kind of Scorpio would rather sit and wait for something to happen or for someone else to take action.

2) Be Mysterious

A Scorpio man will find you attractive if your behavior is mysterious, composed, charming, and erudite. Be flirtatious but keep it classy.

Always show him respect even if he treats you badly. Stay true to yourself and don’t give in too easily to his demands because he may see this as an opportunity to control you.

And above all, make sure that your words are honey-toned because his ears are attentive. Whether or not he is paying attention at the time.

Some men need a bit of time to warm up, but they may become despotic towards those who have captured their hearts once they do.

Though it might be difficult for some people to achieve what others call “the art of subtlety,” one must always remember to “play it cool” when around a Scorpio man.

If he is not interested, then the scorpion might find you too mysterious or even threatening because this kind of creature does not like confusion.

If they are confused about your intentions, there will be no way for them to see any positive traits thus move on from you. They are not fond of people that can’t or won’t communicate with them.

Scorpio Man Eye Contact: Closing Words

At the end of the day, making eye contact with a Scorpio man is a good thing. If he holds that contact and even stares, consider that he’s really interested in you.

If you find that a certain Scorpio man has been making eye contact with you, don’t be afraid to lock eyes with him. Combine that with a little big of mystery, and you’ll have that Scorpio man chasing you in no time.