Sagittarius Man Emotionally Unavailable (Explained)

I understand that it’s easy to judge a Sagittarius man for seeming emotionally unavailable.

However, there are certainly many rhymes and reasons as to why the Sagitarrius always seems to be emotionally unavailable.

Let’s help you get a better understanding of how the Sagitarrius man operates.

Are Sagittarius Emotionally Unavailable?

are sagittarius emotionally unavailable

Sagittarius are great people to have in your life, but they usually are emotionally unavailable except when they’re around the right person.

Sagittarians are free spirits who want to be able to do whatever the heck they please. They find it difficult to stay rooted for too long because their minds always make them imagine numerous possibilities for how things could be better.

It’s tough being emotionally available when you’re so used to dreaming up all sorts of other scenarios that never pan out.

Still, suppose somebody is lucky enough to capture a Sagittarian’s heart. In that case, everything can change in an instant, and not just because one Sagittarian will end up catching themselves every time they wander off into another world.

Sagittarius is also free spirits when it comes to love. They don’t want a serious commitment because they have the freedom to go wherever and whenever they please without having any responsibility holding them down.

If Sagittarians can find someone as adventurous as themselves, their guard will come flying off, but if not, they will remain emotionally unavailable and unable to commit.

Sagittarius man is the perfect example of an emotionally unavailable man. Still, it’s easy for them to be hot and cold toward their partners because this sign tends to change their minds quickly.

Why Are Sagittarius Emotionally Detached?

The Sagittarius man is an emotional creature, and it can be challenging for him to show his emotions. He doesn’t want to commit, but rather that he wants the right woman to engage with.

He is drawn to people who are free-spirited like himself and who know how to live life. If you think you could be his perfect match, read on.

1) The Sagitarrius Man Prefers Freedom

Several astrological signs can’t handle the commitment, but Sagittarius is one of the most extreme. To a Sagittarius, a committed relationship is akin to being tied up and suffocated.

If there’s anything at all he hates more than commitment, it’s rules and regulations. His fiery disposition means that he doesn’t know from taking caution or reflection, making him even more unrestrained.

The Sagittarius man is an adventurer, and he loves the idea of having a partner who can explore new things alongside him rather than keeping them tied down. He doesn’t want to be limited by anything or anyone – including love.

This is why it’s hard for him to commit when his mind keeps telling him that maybe he wants to keep his options open.

The Sagittarius man is not looking for a woman who will hold him back, but rather someone who can take the reins and help guide them down new roads together as they travel toward their common goal: happiness.

He likes to take things slow, and every day, it’s a new adventure for him. He can be pretty mysterious at times but doesn’t mind commitment as much as one might think.

In his words:

I’m not running from anything, I’m running towards something.

Some may say he thrives on change, while others may believe that emotional detachment is his way of avoiding emotional connections in life.

Still, the Sagittarius man always seems to find a woman who lifts his spirits and fills up all the space in her heart for him. It usually only takes one woman to get a Sagittarius man hooked.

2) It’s Easier For The Sagittarius Man To Withdraw

Sagittarius men are notoriously detached emotionally. This is due to their ego insisting they must be free to follow their destiny.

If everything were tied down too tightly, the very least they would do would be to defy or sabotage any obligations before them. So it’s easy for these men to withdraw when faced with emotional commitment.

It’s something that should be taken into consideration when dating a Sagittarius man.

While this is an understandable reason for emotional detachment, it can become problematic in the long term if you’re not careful because he will constantly run from his feelings and end up hurting himself and those around him.

He may suppress these emotions until they build up and explode, or he may end up leaving his partner because they aren’t compatible.

3) The Sagittarius Man Saves Those Emotions For The Right Woman

Sagittarius men save their emotions for the right woman, and that may cause them to seem detached.

However, when they’re finally ready to follow their heart, it’s like turning on a light in the dark, all the tenderness and sensitivity is there waiting to be tapped into. They refuse to let another person take away their self-respect or dignity.

Their happy disposition seems aloof only because they don’t give much emotional power to people who aren’t worth it, quite different from Aquarius men looking for emotional connection with anyone who strikes up a conversation with them.

They won’t hurt others’ feelings to avoid hurting themselves by hiding repressed emotions; they refuse callous treatment while ensuring they treat themselves with the same respect.

Don’t be fooled by their haphazard and carefree appearance because these men know what’s important to them and will fight for it relentlessly.

They’re not afraid of commitment if you can handle his detached moods. If your fires don’t burn as brightly as his own, he’ll move on.

Do Sagittarius Isolate Themselves?

Sagittarius, as the sign of fire and as an archer, does isolate a lot. You can’t blame them for this one any more than you can blame any other sign for their loathing to isolation altogether.

We’re all social animals, and we’re meant to find each other and climb on each other’s heads, just like my little chinchilla, which hangs off my shoulder every second of our time together.

It is no wonder that we seek contact with others in water signs just because we don’t want what fills the void that we naturally feel when not around people (excluding the introvert).

That said, most Sagittarius are pretty darned independent creatures who like solitude even more than most people do due to their introverted nature.

They are often found in their home reading books on religion, philosophy, or spirituality because they want to learn more about the world around them, which means there is a lot of work ahead of them.

The thing here is that if you’re not willing to be with someone who wants to spend time alone, then Sagittarius may not be for you. Suppose your fire burns with the same intensity as their own.

In that case, they won’t be able to keep themselves away from you indefinitely, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be easy either because Sagittarius isn’t into compromising who he is so that someone can feel secure in his emotions.

Sagitarrius Man Emotionally Unavailable: Final Words

Sagittarius are great people to have in your life, but they usually are emotionally unavailable except when they’re around the particular right person. The Sagittarius man is an emotional creature, and it can be challenging for him to show his emotions.

He doesn’t want to commit, but rather that he wants the right woman to engage with. He also prefers freedom over-commitment, so don’t try too hard, or you may scare him off.

Keep this in mind if you ever decide on dating a Sagittarian male because while having one of these guys in your life might not always feel like heaven on earth at times-it sure will make up for all those other moments where everything feels just perfect.