Sagittarius Man Blocked Me (When He Blocks You On Social Media)

Not only is getting blocked annoying, but it can also be hurtful. There are reasons why a Sagittarius man would block you, so let’s talk more about that to help see the bigger picture.

When A Sagittarius Man Blocks You: Why He Did It

saggitarius man blocked me

We all know that the Sagittarius man has a reputation for being a bit of a player. He goes through women like it’s nothing and never seems to get tired of the game.

I mean, he is an eternal optimist! But then, one day, you find yourself blocked by this guy on Facebook or Instagram. Why?

Is there something wrong with you? Have you done something to piss him off? What are some reasons why he might have blocked me?

1) You Criticized The Sagittarius Man

If the roles are reversed, you might find yourself blocked by this man if he feels that you’re too judgmental.

He is open-minded and likes to explore different paths in life, but there could come a time when even he gets tired of your opinions about his choices or wants to spend some alone time with friends who don’t seem to mind his lifestyle.

If you’re too quick to judge him for being a free spirit, he might feel offended by your opinions and prefer not to hang out with you anymore.

A Sagittarius man can be independent, so don’t expect him always to want your company or approval. He is very strong-willed and confident, which is why he can go it alone when necessary.

A Sagittarius man isn’t necessarily a commitment-phobe, but if you start showing signs of disapproval all the time, expect him to block your number and cut off ties.

Be more understanding towards his choices because they are merely reflections of how he feels about himself in some ways.

A Sagittarius man might block you if he’s had enough of your nagging. He is an eternal optimist and wants his life to be full of adventures, which means that there are some things (such as routines) he doesn’t want in his life, or else they will bore him completely.

Don’t try to change him even if he looks like a workaholic.

2) You Were Too Jealous For The Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarius man might block you if he feels like your attitude or possessiveness is too much for him. He values freedom and will not be controlled even in subtle ways (like by jealousy).

If you’re always paranoid that another woman might take the man of your dreams away from you, then expect this guy to put a stop to it.

Instead of being a part of his life, it’s ruining the bit of freedom he has left! He likes women who are open-minded enough to accept him as he is (flaws included).

While he loves women and all their charms, it’s crucial for him to feel like the man of someone’s dreams. This means that if you’re constantly trying to change his behavior or keep tabs on him, it might be time to break up.

3) The Sagittarius Man Thought You Were Too Clingy

Some Sagittarius men might block you because they feel that your clinginess is a turn-off for them.

While he loves to explore and discover new things, this man wants his partner to be an adventure as well. You have to stand on your own two feet, or else it will become too much hard work for him.

If he feels that you’re going to be a burden on him, then he will block your number without even a second thought. He loves his friends and family but if they are taking too much of his time or energy away from work (or exploring), expect this man to limit the amount of socializing he has with them.

4) The Sagittarius Man Hates Controlling Behaviors

A Sagittarius man might block you if he feels that you are too controlling for him. He wants to have the freedom to do what he wants when he wants, so don’t try and stop it.

While some men can be moody or temperamental, this one is cool as a cucumber most of the time, so expect him to remain calm in most situations.

If you’re always trying to change his behavior or limit what he can do, expect him to put a stop to it. He is an eternal optimist and believes even the worst of situations have some silver lining for him.

This means that if you block him from going on one date with another woman, he’ll be able to find something else that will bring him happiness, even if it’s just watching a movie at home.

A Sagittarius man might not want to date you and instead block you if you are controlling. While some men can let their women dictate what they want and how they spend their time (to an extent), this one isn’t that way inclined.

If you’re always trying to stop him from doing what he wants or change his personality, then expect this guy to block your number.

Will A Sagittarius Man Come Back?

If you’re wondering if a Sagittarius man will come back after he blocked your number, the chances are that he won’t.

While some men might want to date you again after realizing their mistake (which is not giving your relationship enough time or thought), this one isn’t that way inclined.

He’ll put a stop to the “friendship” the moment he realizes that it’s ruining his personal development! While some men can be forgiving, most of them will block your number and then act like nothing ever happened.

This is not because he hates you or wants to punish you but simply because they’re very independent people who need their space.

When A Sagittarius Blocks You: Final Words

When a Sagittarius blocks you, the first thing that you should do is take a step back and think about what went wrong.

While it can be very upsetting to realize that your man has blocked your number after dating for only one or two months, sometimes this might happen.

Some men hate drama, so if they feel like you’re too clingy or controlling, they will block your number and pretend like it never happened.

While this might be hard to hear at first, it is far better than being with someone who doesn’t value you for who you are! If he realizes that the relationship is toxic in any way after blocking your number, then expect him to speak up about it.