Pisces Man Hot And Cold: What It Means For You

As annoying as it might be, it’s pretty common for the Pisces man to go from being as hot as fire, to as cold as ice. Let’s talk about why he does it that and it means for you.

Pisces Man Hot And Cold: What It Means

pisces man hot and cold

A Pisces man feels a lot emotionally. They have a lot of reasons to care about other people because they are so compassionate.

When they care about someone, they really do and they show it in many different ways. They are sweet and kinds when they want to be and this is special.

They are one of the water signs and they can either go with the flow or they can change things around. That is why it may seem that he is really hot and into you and the next minute, he is cold and distant.

This is how he is and in many ways, it’s a protective quality that he has in order to make sure his heart won’t get hurt.

When he was younger, he may not have realized how deep his feelings really went when he cared for someone. He’s all about commitment and he expects that from his partner.

That is why he may run from hot to cold very easily and you may be at the end of your patience when you’re dealing with it. Your frustration levels may have hit the highest they have in a long time just because of the way that he can act.

1) The Pisces Man Is Emotional

Since the Pisces man is so emotional, they will seem to be moody. They will go from hot to cold and you will not always know what is happening with them.

Everything that happens to them is real for them. They feel things in a very deep way. It’s also true that they feel what others are feeling too. It can affect them in many ways.

When you become frustrated with his emotional side, keep in mind that he will really show his love too. This is really good when you’re in the mood for it.

Don’t let him get to you when he doesn’t act interested. It may just be a temporary way of distancing himself for a little bit from you.

2) The Pisces Man Is Unsure

He’s also a bit unsure and his feelings can be like a roller coaster.

  • He will go from hot to cold extremely quickly.
  • His need for knowing exactly what is happening is strong.
  • He will want you to show that you’re committed before he makes that effort to do so.

In a way, he wants to be the one in control although he doesn’t feel like he is.

Show him that you care in as many ways as you can. You’ll be glad that you did because when it’s returned, he will show his affection in all kinds of ways. It will be pleasing for you to continue to deal with his hot and cold tendencies.

3) The Pisces Man Is Moody

Because he is so emotional, he will seem to be moody. That’s because his feelings will change rather quickly and he will seem to go from hot to cold in a quick time period.

He takes things very personally on a regular basis.

He may seem to go up and down the mood spectrum. When he does this, you may want to give him some space. He needs to do something that is creative that he can really put himself into for a while.

This will allow him to feel a lot better about himself. After he takes that time for himself, he will be attentive once again.

4) The Pisces Man Wants To Take Things Slow

He doesn’t like to move too fast and he takes things slowly. This may seem like he is not sure of how he feels for you. Not rushing in is his motto because he wants to know that he is cared about too.

This means a lot to him and he has his reasons. They may not be something that other people always understand but his reasons are real and they need to be addressed. He will make sure that they are.

In the past, he may have made a few mistakes. He doesn’t like to have that on his record and when he thinks about settling down, he wants to make sure that he can with the right person. This is good because he’s picky for a reason.

He wants the best because in return he will also give that to someone special.

Why Do Pisces Go Cold?

There are many times that a Pisces man will hide his feelings. This will seem like he’s being cold in many instances. This is because he is shielding himself from being hurt.

If his feelings aren’t returned, he may feel that he made a big mistake. It may also be that he might not feel that he’s good enough when he really is. His confidence is lacking in some ways.

That is something that he really doesn’t want to do in any way, shape, or form. As he matured, he knew that he had to pick someone to care about in a different way. He wants to have his feelings returned and he should expect this and when it’s not, he will turn into his cold self.

Pisces Man Hot Then Cold: Closing Words

Your Pisces man can go from hot then on to being cold. It can be so confusing, to say the least. Making the most of it is what is needed.

Letting him be on his own for a while when he’s acting cold can help in many ways. He will come to see that he must act differently in order to get the love that he wants to be returned to him on a regular basis.

For him, the results are wonderful. Being in a committed relationship is something that he finds to be necessary for life. When he goes from hot to cold, he will always be the one that may truly care the most about you.

Give him a chance so that you can see what will happen with the relationship.