Pisces Man Heartbroken: Does He Get Over Breakup?

There’s a lot going inside a Pisces man’s mind as it is.

However, when a Pisces man is heartbroken, it can be a total mental nightmare for him.

Let’s talk more about how the Pisces man feels during this highly-emotional experience.

Are Pisces Heartbroken?

are pisces heartbroken

People born into Pisces (2/19 – 3/20) feel a lot of emotions and they can feel heartbroken for a while. They are very sensitive and like to indulge in self-pity at times.

This, can at times, give them the ok to stay heartbroken but that won’t last for long. The next time that they meet someone, they will try again and be themselves.

It’s bad enough that a Pisces person blames themselves but they really don’t need to feel any worse. They need some uplifting spirits to keep them busy and entertained until they are able to get over it.

What Do Pisces Do When They Are Heartbroken?

Many times, Pisces will turn inwards and blame themselves for the problems when they are heartbroken. They will channel their energies into something else that they like to do.

For example, they might use:

  • Art.
  • Music.
  • Or something else creative to take their minds off of what happened.

They always feel the other person’s hurt because they can relate so well. Sometimes, they feel as if they have the weight of the world on their shoulders, which of course, is not true in any way at all.

Since they tend to blame themselves for the whole breakup, they will not be themselves except when they are doing something that keeps them extremely busy with their creative endeavors.

When they are in this mood, other people can’t tell whether or not they are suffering.

1) Pisces Feel The Pain Of The Heartbreak

They feel the pain very much. It can affect them in many ways for a long time but as said before, they will forget about it when they meet someone new.

They look for intelligence in a person that they might be interested in getting to know better, whether it be for friendship or for a relationship. Since this is the case, they will open up again when they meet someone that piques their interest.

When they feel that you have hurt them, they will not call you or text you. They will make sure that you understand that they want you to know that they are upset.

They feel upset but they keep to themselves. Other people that don’t know them too well will not even know that they are going through a rough time.

Only the people that are close to them will know what is going on with them.

2) Pisces Feel Guilt And Blame Themselves

Pisces people can feel a tremendous amount of guilt and blame themselves because they are very sensitive and compassionate. They will do anything to make sure someone else doesn’t feel the pain that they imagine that they are going through.

When they are feeling the pain, they will fake a smile so that no one knows that they are going through anything unusual.

This won’t help them because no one knows why they are doing it at all.

They want to take on the whole world’s problems at the same time. This makes them feel a lot better in the long term. If they can solve these problems, they feel the confidence that they need to go on.

Do Pisces Get Over Breakups?

Even though they feel a lot of pain, they can get over it and move on to develop a new relationship. They will immerse themselves in other things that are of interest to them so that they can pass the time in that way.

On a daily basis, they will go about what they need to do and always handle their responsibilities in a good way.

Since they will not feel comfortable in a friendship or relationship for a while, they will know when they feel the need to reach out again.

One of the reasons that they need to be very careful when they get involved is that they can be unrealistic when they are dealing with other people.

They know this so they need to watch out for who they wish to get to know better. Then, they will need to work on their relationship so that it works in their favor and not against them.

Pisces Man Heartbroken: Closing Words

A Pisces man that is heartbroken can be very persuasive. They may want you to come back because of the love that they feel. In time, they will decide to move on to a new relationship that will make them much happier.

When you have hurt a Pisces man, he will wait until the right moment to strike. He does want you to hurt, but he will wait until the time is right for him to do what he needs to do.

You might want to remember these things if you’re involved with a Pisces man. His traits make him capable of doing some things that you might not like and some others that will make you care even more about him:

  • He will get back at you but not until the right time.
  • He’s compassionate and he feels a lot for other people.
  • He’s a lover of intelligence and he will look for it in a person in the future.
  • He’ll immerse himself creatively (like art or music) until he finds someone of interest.

Pisces people are very compassionate and sensitive. They feel a tremendous amount and they know that life can’t always be perfect.

Since they really put a lot into relationships, they feel guilt and shame when it doesn’t work out. They will find someone else when they see that they too have the ability to feel and to think when they are in a relationship.