Pisces Man Blocked Me (For No Reason At All)

Being blocked on social media can be painful, especially when a Pisces man does it to you. Let’s talk more about what this means, and if he’s capable of ever unblocking you and coming back.

When A Pisces Blocks You

pisces man blocked me

Pisces are afraid of rejection. They don’t realize that when they block you, it’s hurtful to the other person and themselves.

Pisces is a water sign, which means emotions rule them. They can be sensitive and caring people who make great friends. However, this also means that they may be quick to anger and cut you off when hurt.

It’s childish and having to experience this is a difficult thing to go through. There’s no rulebook on how you should manage the situation when a Pisces blocks you, but some things can help make it easier for you.

Why Would A Pisces Man Block You?

It’s not always easy to understand why a Pisces man blocks you or why they do anything in general. You may feel like there was no reason behind it and that the person was just being mean.

However, there is usually some kind of reason, but it’s not always something you can easily see from your perspective.

Pisces are known to have intense mood swings, and this often reflects in their personalities as well. It’s easy for them to be happy one minute and angry the next.

Sometimes, they may even lash out at people without knowing it or not thinking about their words before speaking. This can lead to a lot of misunderstandings with friends and loved ones alike who don’t know what is going on in their heads at all times.

Pisces are ruled by their emotions, which can be a confusing thing to grasp. They crave intimacy and connection with people around them, but this also means they have very deep feelings that often run far more profound than just friendships or relationships.

Understanding the depth of these connections is important when you’re trying to reconcile after being blocked on social media can affect how you handle the situation.

1) The Pisces Man Thinks That It’s Over

When a Pisces man blocks you, they often think that it’s the end of your friendship or relationship, and they no longer want to deal with you. He may feel hurt by something that happened between the two of you, but instead of talking about their feelings, he just cut off all contact.

Pisces are deeply emotional people who may think blocking is the only way to deal with their pain.

It can be challenging for them to communicate how they feel because, deep down, they just want more out of life than what it’s giving them at this moment. Pisces men often shut themselves off from others because of these feelings, and when they feel hurt, they’ll just push everyone away.

This is normal for Pisces men when they’re struggling to deal with their emotions, but it can be jarring when you’re the one who’s being pushed aside instead of them.

Blocking someone on social media or in-person isn’t a mature way of dealing with these feelings and doesn’t solve anything.

2) The Pisces Man Doesn’t Want To Put In The Effort

Pisces men are known to be lazy in their relationships. They often want the intimacy of a real connection but don’t put in the effort to make these connections last over time.

Pisces tend to have intense feelings for the people they love, which can sometimes scare them away, especially if they started out as friends or acquaintances before developing into something more.

Men under this zodiac sign can be confusing to understand at times because they don’t always make sense.

They often lash out when things get too intense for them, which is why it’s important to try and find a balance between being supportive without smothering the person in your life that you’re dating or friends with.

A Pisces man may block you to avoid the intense feelings that they have for someone. If a Pisces man is being mean towards you, it doesn’t necessarily mean he hates you but rather just needs some time away from you.

In these kinds of situations, blocking someone on social media is a way for the Pisces man to protect himself from his own feelings and emotions.

3) The Pisces Man Is Upset Or Flustered By Something

Pisces men can be very sensitive and caring people, so it’s easy for them to get flustered by something that happens between the two of you.

Pisces will often take things personally, even if they aren’t directly related to him. This may cause a negative reaction from his end, which he expresses by blocking you on social media or in person.

These kinds of reactions can be difficult to understand, especially if you’re just trying to get through the current issue that’s between the two of you without dealing with another problem on top of it.

It can be about something you’ve done, which you usually think is okay but is perfectly unacceptable for him. He may have sensed some red flags such as lying or dishonesty, which resulted in him blocking you.

When he has seen things that have hurt him in the past, it’s often hard for a Pisces man to trust people close to them because he doesn’t want anyone else hurting him.

Do Pisces Men Come Back?

Yes, Pisces men can certainly come back. The Pisces man may block you to get away from all of the drama and intensity in his life. However, this doesn’t mean that he’s not thinking about you or hasn’t considered reaching out at some point down the line when things have calmed down for him again.

Sometimes, you may have to make the first move, and if this means looking for other ways to get in touch with him, then so be it. Pisces are sensitive people, but they also have good hearts and aren’t always trying to hurt you even when things may feel that way at the moment.

Pisces Man Blocked Me: Closing Words

Being blocked on social media or even in person is hurtful, and sometimes, dealing with it is tough. But these feelings can pass, and Pisces men are people who often regret their decisions when they realize how much the right person has meant to them.

Keep yourself together during this time because you’re stronger than you think you are. Remember that sometimes it’s good to get a little distance from someone if things have become too intense between the two of you.

They may also need some time to themselves, and if they’re always around you, then it’s hard for them to think about the future or what will happen between both of your lives.

Pisces men often know that this behavior is hurtful, but sometimes things just get out of hand, and we say things we don’t mean. If you’re able to look past the hurtful things that have been said and done, then there’s a much better chance of reconciliation happening down the line.

If you’ve been blocked on social media by a Pisces man, don’t take it personally. Sometimes they need time to process things and think about where they would like the relationship to go in terms of communication and in-person contact.

It’s not an easy thing to go through, but if you keep your head up and don’t let the block break down your confidence in who you are as a person, then there will be better days ahead for both of you.