Libra Man Controlling: Can He Be Considered A Control Freak?

Have you had some suspicion when it comes to a Libra man being controlling?

If so, then you’d be right as the Libra man is certainly capable of showcasing some controlling behaviors.

It’s not as bad as it might seem though, so let’s talk about it this topic in much more detail.

Is Libra Man Controlling?

is libra man controlling

Yes, the Libra man can certainly be controlling. Yet, their control isn’t what you’d normally label as controlling.

You have to remember that the Libra zodiac sign stands for the scale. They are constantly weighing their decisions and surroundings to adjust and find the outcome they’re looking for.

When their scales aren’t calibrated, you can see a controlling Libra man.

1) The Libra Man Doesn’t Prefer Being Alone

The Libra man longs for companionship. It can be hard to get into a relationship with a libra as they are picky in their partners.

They want someone who is:

  • Confident.
  • Grounded.
  • And will treat each other equally.

They don’t like to be alone. If you have a Libra as your male partner, you can be for certain that not only do they admire you, they want you for life.

Stable relationships are important to them. They long for control.

However, being with a Libra man can be difficult. A lot of people don’t want to be fair-sided in their relationship. One often takes the reins and leaves the other partner to follow in their lead.

Libra men want to feel equal with you. They don’t want to feel alone when they are sitting right next to you.

Don’t think that because they don’t prefer to be alone, that they don’t need their own alone time and space just like the other zodiac signs. Due to them being the sign of the scales, they need that time to weigh their scales in private.

Yet, if they are in a relationship where they feel codependent their scales are unbalanced and you will find their need for control, as they are naturally independent.

What a Libra man wants is to have someone by his side. Someone who gets him and he doesn’t have to explain himself constantly. When he explains himself, ironically he does appear to be somewhat controlling.

2) The Libra Man Can Have Low Self Esteem

The Libra man is known for their low self-esteem. They may constantly seem as if they are doubting themselves. They don’t oftentimes speak what’s truly on their mind. They lack being assertive most of the time.

This is one of their biggest weaknesses. They lack the ability to be assertive when it’s most important. This makes them oftentimes put themselves down. People consistently take advantage of those who people please and lack assertiveness.

Libra men oftentimes hold in their true emotions until they get to the point where they explode. They want everyone to be happy as it makes them happy. Yet, when they do reach their limit, once again they are labeled as having low self-esteem.

Due to the balancing of their scales, they tend to want to be in control. When they don’t have this control they doubt themselves even more. They lose confidence and can come off as controlling as they try to get back to being grounded.

Are Libra Men Possessive In Love?

It’s important for you to understand that while the Libra man can certainly be possessive in love, this isn’t something their sign is known for.

Libra men have a hard time with deep connections. When they finally have a deep connection with you, they may come off as possessive.

However, this is simply their way of loving you deeply, and wanting control. Your Libra man doesn’t show his true emotions at all times. They don’t tend to be jealous lovers.

When you find that your Libra man is possessive, you know that they really love you to show you that side of themselves that’s unlikely.

They don’t want to be possessive. Their internal scales are constantly trying to ground them, leading them to oftentimes control situations and their relationships because their nature is to constantly adjust what’s going on in their everyday life to not have a relationship that is codependent.

Rather, they strive for a relationship where they have control, yet they can even be quite submissive to you. When a Libra man appears to be possessive in love, they are only trying to keep that relationship grounded.

They love deeply as partners. You can see possession towards you as a sign that your Libra loves you deeply.

Are Libra Control Freaks?

Libra’s are the least controlling zodiac sign. They oftentimes don’t do well showing their emotions. They want fun in life and to be spontaneous. They want to see their partners happy.

Oftentimes, Libra men will do anything they can to let you take control, and if you’re happy, they are happy. Due to them not showing their emotions often, it can appear that they are trying to passively control everything.

As their partner, it’s important to understand their sign. Their sign is the scale. They look for a balance. When they see that somethings off and altering those scales, they will passively make it known to you that something is wrong.

They long for your companionship. They don’t want to be alone. They want a partner who understands them. We can sit here and constantly ask them what’s wrong with you? You can clearly tell that something is off but their sign is the least likely to tell you what it is that is wrong.

They passively try to ground themselves and their relationships. They don’t mean ill by the way they come off. They care deeply about others and their happiness. Oftentimes, putting their own happiness on the back burner.

When the Libra man does stand up for himself and become assertive, it can likely appear that he is trying to possessively control you. Just remember with your Libra man that he also needs to be given control at times.

An important ending note on your Libra male partner is to give him compliments. Tell him that you appreciate him and all that he does for your relationship. Love him as strongly and deeply as he loves you. You’ve got to help him balance those scales.