Leo Man Upset With Me: What To Do & How To Deal

So the Leo man is upset. If you haven’t realized it already, then there’s a good chance that he’s already acted like a big drama queen.

But why does the Leo man act like this? Let’s talk about that and how to deal with the Leo man when he’s upset with you.

How Do Leos Act When Upset?

how do leos act when upset

Leo’s are known for being drama queens. When they are feeling down or upset, Leo will show it. They will rage and even break out in tears. They may drink excessively to purge their feelings.

Unfortunately, we can’t always control this behavior. It’s just who we are as a person.

When Leo is upset, they will try and find someone to take it out on, because after all, what better way than by making other people feel bad too.

They will constantly seek attention from everyone around them to make sure they think essential or secure. They will need constant assurance that they are loved and not to be forgotten.

Leo might want to live life on the edge because if they focus on problems, they’ll be too uncomfortable to deal with them.

Leo’s might try to drink away their problems by binge drinking or getting intoxicated because they believe that they won’t have to feel the pain of regret from things when they are inebriated.

How Do I Deal With A Leo Man Upset?

how do i deal with a leo man upset

When dealing with a Leo man who is upset, you will need to be extremely sensitive. You must be there for him and try to pick up on his cues, as he needs attention or reassurance.

Here are a few tips to help deal with an upset Leo.

1) Give The Leo Man Some Space

When a Leo man is upset, he will want to be left alone. They might retreat into their cave and try to get away from the world and its problems. Let them take some time to process their emotions, and don’t push them towards talking about it until they are ready.

Giving him space does not mean completely ignoring him. Be there as a friend and make sure he knows you are there for him.

When a Leo man is upset, he wants someone to listen to him and empathize with his feelings. Don’t offer advice because it may come off as you not caring about how he feels.

Be there for him emotionally, so support him through this time in his life.

Even though his emotions may be compelling and sometimes overwhelming, you must put your pride aside and listen to him.

When a Leo man is upset or angry, he might not be willing to talk about it right away because he’s too busy running in circles in his head and becoming more upset in the process.

To get them to open up, give him some space to think. When he is ready, ask them how they are feeling. It might not be the most straightforward conversation in the world, but Leo loves talking about their feelings, so this would start a dialogue between you both.

Leo Men do not like having their territory invaded. Even though they may have a lot of friends, it’s essential to respect the space he needs when he is upset.

Don’t bring in his friends or family members to try and make him feel better because you might get on his bad side. He wants to be supported, but not by everyone all at once.

2) Do Something Fun To Cheer Up The Leo Man

When a Leo man is upset, he might want to be alone and try and process his feelings. However, you should do something fun with him that can bring out that positive energy.

Watch a comedy or check out a new restaurant because Leo love trying different foods. Make sure you show interest in the things they like as it will make them feel appreciated.

There are some things you must blend into the fun, though. You should never take advantage of a Leo man who is upset because they will see it as being used, making him angrier.

Don’t try to use making love as a way to cheer up your moody Leo man. He needs time to process his feelings before they can become physical.

When a Leo man is upset, stay optimistic and know that things will get better. Remind him that it’s not the end of the world as we wouldn’t appreciate the bad without the good things in life.

The more you show how much he means to you, the happier he will become.

3) Avoid Telling The Leo Man What To do

Sometimes a Leo man can confuse being supportive with being controlling or bossy. They don’t mean to come off this way, but it’s hard for them to see things from another perspective when they are upset.

To avoid coming across as too intimidating, be there for him and listen to what he has to say.

Even if you have the best intentions, the Leo man might not want your advice or opinion because he doesn’t want to believe that there is something else that could help. Just let him process his feelings and emotions without guiding him in any direction.

When a Leo man feels upset about something, don’t try to take charge because this will only make them feel guilty. They don’t want to feel controlled, so be there for them emotionally instead of solving their problems.

Unless you discover that they are planning on doing something dangerous, don’t try and stop them from going through with their plans.

During a crisis, it can be hard to remain calm and rational. However, if the Leo man is upset about something that happened to him or someone he knows, you can’t blame him. Don’t assume that he is overreacting because there might be some truth to what he is saying.

Leo Man Upset With Me: Closing Words

The Leo man can be hard to deal with, but they are worth the effort. They will need a sensitive approach and plenty of time before you get to hear their side of things.

If he is unhappy or does not want your input, give him some space and try again later. Be sure that any gesture to cheer them up comes from you, don’t tell them what they should do to make themselves happy.