Leo Man Silent Anger: About His Rage And Temper (Explained)

So if you’re speaking to a Leo man and he suddenly goes quiet, something is usually wrong, right? Most likely. Let’s talk about how the Leo man processes his emotions.

What Does It Mean When A Leo Goes Silent?

what does it mean when a leo goes silent

Since Leos are known for their intense personalities, Leo goes silent may be a few reasons. For one, they may be busy or be out of town.

Here are two other reasons why a Leo might be quiet.

1) The Leo Man Is Angry (He Might Throw A Temper Tantrum)

Anger is one of the reasons why a Leo goes silent. When this happens, expect to see some action. The Leo man might throw a fit but won’t make any physical attempts to harm you.

When the Leo man gets angry, expect his mood to change dramatically. He can become agitated quickly. When this happens, he’ll likely retreat into a corner and sulk until he cools off.

When the Leo man sulks, he’ll start ignoring you. He doesn’t want to talk and interact with anyone. A Leo might throw a tantrum for many different reasons. They can be:

  • Thirsty.
  • Hungry.
  • And they might not like what you’re asking them to do.

Leos are compassionate and emotional creatures.  Throwing a tantrum is their way of telling you they don’t like something and need help with it.

They think that if they yell or cry more, you’ll do it for them. They also might feel embarrassed by the situation and want to hide from it. A Leo will never throw a tantrum just because they’re tired or bored, those things won’t bother them at all.

This is because that’s what makes them happy. Giving your Leo some time and space when he’s sulking means you understand him, and that’s what they want.

2) The Leo Man Might Be Mentally Exhausted

Leo men have a lot of energy to offer. They can be very active and social, so being around too many people can genuinely tire them out.

When they come home from work or school, they might need some time to unwind and reset their minds for anything that comes next.

When you see your Leo man has gone silent, it’s best to leave them alone. They need their time and space to rest, recharge and get ready for anything else you might have planned.

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If you try and talk to them during this time, they might snap at you or ignore you. They want nothing more than to sleep and relax.

When you see your Leo man acting like this, it’s best to give him a hug and some words of encouragement. A lot of people don’t understand the needs of a Leo man, and that frustrates them.

Leos might not be as affectionate with their friends or family as they used to be when they’re angry, but they still need love and support.

If you leave them alone and don’t bother them, they’ll come to you when they’re ready to talk, and will likely be calm and collected at that point too.

How Does A Leo Man Deal With Anger?

Like other zodiac signs, Leo men have personalities that will affect how they deal with anger. Leo is known to be the drama king.

They may not scream or shout, instead, they are more likely to give you the cold shoulder. He may even attempt to walk away from you to feel empowered. However, this is just his pride speaking.

If you are attempting to calm down a Leo man who is angry, it does require some sensitivity. You have to understand that when they are in this state, you will not reason with them or do anything productive.

The best way of getting through to him is by making him feel safe and secure once again.

When you attempt to calm a Leo man down, try and get his attention by stepping away from yourself. This will force him to turn and focus on you- once he is looking at you again, try and place your hand on his shoulder in a gentle manner.

Talk in a soft voice that shows empathy for the situation, this will help reassure him that everything will be just fine.

Leo men are known to enjoy their comfort (and happiness) more than anything. If you are attempting to calm a Leo man down, try your best to empathize with his needs and reassure him that everything will be just fine.

Leo Man Silent Treatment: How To Help Him

The silent treatment is when you ignore someone instead of speaking with someone. In other words, the Leo man goes silent, or he will stay in his room without speaking to anyone.

It’s just another way for the Leo man to hide his feelings. Fortunately enough, you can help him out through the process. Here’s how.

1) Give The Leo Man The Space He Needs

Leo is the sign of royalty, so he likely has a strong sense of pride. He will have a tough time asking for your help with anything because his ego cannot accept that he needs assistance from you or anyone else.

You can tell when a Leo man is wrestling with something mentally if they act differently than their usual self.

If you find that your Leo man is giving you the silent treatment and he seems sad or troubled, don’t push him to talk to you about what’s wrong. This will only make him resentful and less likely to open up in the future.

Sometimes, it helps to give them their space and talk about whatever is troubling them in their own time.

Leo’s men are courageous and prideful. When they feel that something is wrong, they will do whatever it takes to keep the household afloat while simultaneously dealing with their problems on their own.

This can lead to a very stressful situation for them, which is why they need your patience and understanding. Pushing them to open up too quickly will only make you both stressed- so give them time to sort out their thoughts before attempting to have a conversation with him.

One of the most important things you can do for your Leo man during moments like this is to assure him that you love and respect him.

Let him know that even though the situation might be difficult, you will be by his side through it all. When he feels reassured of your presence, he will try to sort out his problems independently, so don’t push!

Leo Man Silent Anger: Closing Words

The Leo Man might be overwhelmed by his emotions. You can help him out, but it’s important not to nag or pressure him into talking about what’s on his mind.

Give him space and time without judgment so he can process everything on his terms. All of these reasons are why the Leo man may go silent for some time- sometimes they need some alone time to decompress.

So next time your Leos goes quiet, don’t panic! Give them space with love and understanding because that’s how they’ll want you to show up when they’re feeling down too.