How To Make A Capricorn Woman Jealous (3 Ways)

As if a Capricorn woman wasn’t focused enough, now you have the challenge of getting her jealous. Challenge accepted, right? Let’s talk more about this topic.

Can You Make A Capricorn Jealous?

can you make a capricorn woman jealous

Yes, you can make a Capricorn jealous. But it’s not easy to do. They are tough to catch; people who know them well understand the underlying trail of logic they use daily.

Capricorns are notoriously self-controlled, and this is because the cycle of life is always at their back over time, so over time, it becomes an ingrained kind of defense mechanism or coping skill.

In Western astrology, counterintuitively known as “goats,” for this reason, they have been compared to goats climbing up cliffs from below.

Rather than being sad about how one will never win a fight against a mountain goat just looking up from down low all day long, many Capricorns will soften themselves up.

They are known for their perseverance and patience, but sometimes these traits can be misinterpreted as stubbornness or even apathy, which is not the case at all.

This is because they have learned through life experience that nothing worth having comes easy; it takes time.

They are natural planners who do things methodically and with good reason. They are very realistic people, but they also have a strong sense of what is possible in the long term or short-term plans alike.

How To Make A Capricorn Woman Jealous

A Capricorn woman can make a man jealous. However, it is not easy to do this with her because she wonders why you are making false promises or claims that cannot be kept in the end.

A Capricorn woman will test your trustworthiness and integrity by pushing boundaries to see what you will do if certain circumstances arise; this is not to see what you will say, but rather what your actions and reactions reveal about the kind of person you are.

1) Use Witty Banter

Using witty banter and having in-person conversations is an excellent way for a Capricorn woman to understand whether or not she’s interested.

It also works with text messages. The more effort you put into the interaction, the more interest they will have in keeping it going.

Suppose they’re not as attentive with their responses as usual. In that case, that means they’re starting to lose interest, and you should give up on them.

The reason for this is because they’ll never be satisfied or happy being with someone who can’t look past them and see how intelligent and conscientious she is with her every word and action.

A Capricorn woman wants an equal partner with whom she can go head to head sometimes but still show respect at all times.

You can make a Capricorn woman jealous by being witty, but be careful about how you use your sense of humor because sometimes they may not get it, or even if they do understand what you’re saying, they still might take offense to it.

This is why tactfulness and discretion are essential when trying to impress anyone.

2) Socialize With Other Woman

What you do in the company of other women could easily make a Capricorn woman jealous. Strangely enough, she doesn’t much care if you are cheating on her with another woman.

She will interpret even your most innocent interactions as personal threats, regardless of their nature or origin. With her need to be in control, attention from others away from her is squelched.

If you are socializing with others, who have known the opposite sex for any length of time socially before coming into contact with your Capricorn partner, be wary that she may take it personally rather than believing that it’s just friends having fun!

3) Highlight Your Accomplishments And Goals

Highlight your accomplishments and goals. Have you ever heard the saying “misery loves company?”

This applies to Capricorn women too, so if she’s feeling insecure or jealous about something in her life, one way for her to hide it is by trying to make someone else feel that same kind of negative emotion.

By highlighting your accomplishments and your goals, you’re also showing her that she can be competitive without having to resort to any passive-aggressive behavior.

This is a perfect way for Capricorn women to show their jealousy because they will not feel as threatened by what you have going on in your life overall, which makes them want to be a part of it and not so aloof about it the entire situation.

What Are Female Capricorns Attracted To?

Capricorn women are attracted to men who have a high level of self-confidence. If you don’t come off as being cocky, then this might not be an issue for her.

Capricorns want someone who knows what they’re doing and can handle themselves in almost any situation, no matter how tough it may seem.

If you’re able to be confident without being too assertive, then that’s when things start getting interesting with Capricorn women because they like guys who are in control but not self-centered about it either.

Because they value independence and individuality, this is something else that will make them want to get closer to you more so than other men who don’t know how to take care of themselves and their interests.

Capricorn women can be tough when it comes to getting them to open up. They are naturally private people who don’t share their feelings with others, no matter how close you may get with them over time.

This is something that most men will have issues with if they haven’t been with a Capricorn woman before because they’re used to talking about their feelings and thoughts as often as they want.

Because of this, most men will either give up trying or decide that it isn’t worth all the effort in the end, which is actually what she wants you to do.

Many women are turned off by men who try too hard to get in their pants, so if you happen to be a guy like this and she knows it, then that’s going to make her want you even more because she thinks of herself as being unobtainable.

Capricorn women are attracted to guys who have goals and know what they’re doing with their lives.

They don’t want someone who will be dependent on them for their happiness or well-being, and they also need a man who knows how to handle themselves in most situations because she doesn’t like anyone trying to control her either.

If you can show her that you’re able to keep up with the pace of life while still standing up on your own two feet, she will want to get closer with you and find out more about what makes you tick.

Capricorn Woman Envious: Closing Words

Capricorn women can get very envious of others, especially when it comes to relationships. She may not show her emotions outwardly, but inside she’s burning with envy and wishes that the person in question would drop dead.

It takes a lot for a Capricorn woman to open up about how she feels or what is going on in her life, so if you happen to sense this kind of behavior on her part or even witness it, don’t take it personally.

She doesn’t want people knowing what she’s thinking because that would mean losing control over the situation and not keeping up appearances anymore, things that are important for a Capricorn woman to feel good about.