Gemini Man Playing Hard To Get? (Important Facts)

Some men thrive on playing hard to get, and it can be both annoying and frustrating.

In this article, I’m going to answer all of the important questions when it comes to the Gemini man and if he likes to play hard to get. I think that the answer just might surprise you.

Do Gemini Men Ever Try To Play Hard To Get?

gemini man hard to read and understand
He certainly sees your text message but won’t reply immediately.

It may seem like Gemini men always play hard to get, especially around someone they are trying to be romantically involved with.

The truth of the matter is that Gemini men are just inherently hard to get.

Most of the time, Gemini men prefer to pursue someone instead of being pursued. This is because when they want something, they really set their mind to get it no matter what.

The tricky thing about these Gemini men is that they will pursue someone they are interested in. However, when that person begins to show too much affection towards them or become clingy, they begin to lose interest quickly.

So it should be noted that a Gemini man playing hard to get is not a rare issue because it does actually happen. The truth is that they are just hard to get and this is brought about by their complex personality.

Can Gemini Men Be Hard To Read And Understand?

Gemini men are considered as one of the most complicated zodiac signs out there because of their double and contradicting nature. This zodiac sign can turn on a switch so easily that they can become irritated, critical, and ill-humored in just a snap.

Aside from that, Gemini men are very sociable to the point that they portray themselves as an open book, but the truth is that there are so much more facets to their personalities.

To put it simply, Gemini men tend to act differently in the various aspects of their life. So yes, they can be hard to both read and understand.

This is also the primary reason why mean people actually brand them as the most inconsistent zodiac sign. This is because they act differently in many aspects of their life.

Here’s How You Can Drive A Gemini Man Crazy (3 Tips)

If you are someone who is up for the challenge of going toe to toe with a Gemini man, you’ll need to do your best to understand the intricacies of their personality.

Let’s take a look at three tips that you can use to help drive a Gemini man crazy (in a good way).

1) Mirror And Match The Gemini Man

To be able to drive them crazy, you must be willing to reciprocate and mirror the behavior that is being shown to you. Gemini men tend to give off a flirty, intriguing, and charming personality at first, so it would be good to also show them that side right off the bat.

This will make them feel that you are not intimidated by their strong personality and thus, will be able to handle their complex character.  Not to mention, these Gemini men are naturally drawn to women who are unconventional so you must truly make sure that you stand out to be able to catch their attention.

2) Give The Gemini Man Genuine Compliments

Gemini men respond to direct compliments very well, so this is one way of engaging and interacting with them consistently. Giving them compliments regularly makes them feel that someone is very much into them.

Not to mention, Gemini men also use this as their signal to reciprocate the flirting and further pursue someone. They like this because they feel that you are very much interested in them as well.

Compliments can further help a Gemini man to feel that their interaction does have the potential to bloom into something positive. This is something that needs to be highlighted, especially because Gemini men get turned off easily with drama and negativity.

3) Be Adventurous And Always Mix Things Up

The secret to driving a Gemini man crazy is to make sure that you always mix things up to constantly keep them on their toes. Remember that Gemini men can struggle with routine and monotony.

Be sure to always think of creative activities that you can do with a Gemini man to consistently stimulate their brain and artistic side.

Since Gemini men aren’t great with routine, avoid doing the same thing twice because this will just bore them even more. For instance, instead of watching a movie in the mall, why not jazz it up a bit and have dinner and a movie at home instead?  This will allow you to have a more intimate time together, instead of just watching an actual movie with each other.

Being adventurous is something that a Gemini not only looks for but will also appreciate. Lastly, a little bit of mystery and intrigue can keep a Gemini man on his toes.

Closing Words About If You Should Play Hard To Get With A Gemini Man

So if you are thinking about playing hard to get with a Gemini man in hopes of getting his attention, the short answer is that this will not work with them. Gemini men hate playing games, so pretending to not like them just to draw them closer will definitely work against you.

If you show a Gemini man that you are not interested, they will not dwell on it and interpret it as the other person wanting to be chased because they will just take it as it is.

Even though Gemini men appear to be a puzzle that is hard to piece together, they are actually very straightforward when it comes to matters of the heart.