Capricorn Man Ignoring Me After Argument: Why It Happened

Capricorn men can be pretty precise when it comes to ignoring you, especially after an argument. Let’s talk about some of the biggest reasons why this happens.

Capricorn Man Ignoring Me After Argument: Here’s Why

capricorn man ignoring me after argument

A Capricorn man might not want to deal with the emotions that naturally arise in any romantic relationship and subsequently may distance himself when there’s a fight to avoid the resentment or unhappiness he feels.

However, this doesn’t mean that he’s not hurting or doesn’t want to reconcile. The best thing that you can do is give him time and space so he can work through his feelings alone if this seems like the case.

Your man may still be trying to process what he’s feeling and will need time alone right now to do so. He may not even realize why he feels this way, but if you give him space, he can figure it out for himself without any distractions or pressure from your end.

Dealing with tough conversations and arguments is not easy for him. If you want to support your man during a time of need, you need to offer an open ear and show that he can trust you with his feelings in any given situation.

1) The Capricorn Man Prefers The Silent Treatment

Capricorns have a strong sense of pride. As the Earth sign, they are also grounded and practical in their approach to life. An argument can be viewed as a threat by them because it will lead to miscommunication which could derail their plans for the future.

The Capricorn man may opt for silence instead of confronting you about what’s going on between the two of you. However, this is just his way of processing what’s happening in the relationship without getting too emotional about it.

As long as he knows that you’re there for him when he needs support, then be patient and let him work through the silence on his own time because he will come back to your side soon enough.

You can also try to initiate a conversation about what’s going on if the silence is too much for you.

2) The Capricorn Man Is Holding Back His Feelings

Capricorns are known for keeping their emotions to themselves.

While they may not be as expressive about their feelings as those born under other zodiac signs, this is actually a sign that they’re trying to cope with the situation on their own and don’t know how else to show you what’s going on.

They always try to look strong and in control, so it’s hard for them to express their feelings if they feel vulnerable. They don’t want you to think that something is wrong or believe that your relationship is deteriorating because of an argument between the two of you.

Additionally, Capricorn men deeply care about how you feel. He doesn’t want to come off as cold as he may say the wrong things. So he will opt for silence until he’s got the right words to say.

3) The Capricorn Cares About You

Capricorn men love their partners. They are affectionate and protective of them, and they would do anything to make you happy.

Even if he can’t show it, your man fiercely loves and cares for you on a deep level that often goes beyond words which is why this silence isn’t as bad as it seems.

He just doesn’t want to hurt you more by saying the wrong things, so instead of talking about what’s bothering him, he will opt to give you space instead.

Understand that this is his method of coping with the situation on his own without wanting to upset you. He will come back when he has something meaningful to say, so just give him time and space until then.

If you’re feeling ignored by your Capricorn man, then maybe you need some space too. Try to approach the problem on your own.

Whether that means finding a way to occupy yourself or talking about what’s going on with someone else who can help you sort through it all without any distractions from him.

How Do Capricorns Argue?

This is the only time you will see your Capricorn man’s feelings come out in full force. They are known for their stubbornness and hardheaded ways, especially when it comes to disagreements with loved ones.

The more they care about someone else, the harder it becomes for them to compromise on certain issues that really matter to them because they refuse to give up their ground.

They are also known for being hard on themselves, so do not be surprised when his silence becomes deafening after an argument. This is because your Capricorn man is already beating himself up over what he did wrong in the situation before you can even get a word in edgewise.

Capricorns look for solutions to match their narratives. Even though he knows that he’s not right, he can make it sound logical enough that you’ll believe him. This is one of the things that they do, but it doesn’t mean that he’s not sorry for what happened.

He will then explain his side of the story and any flaws in logic on your part so just bear with him while he tries to sort out what happened between the two of you during the argument.

Once they have everything figured out, Capricorns are ready for a fresh start because they love being able to fix their mistakes.

Arguing With A Capricorn Man: Closing Words

A Capricorn man may seem like a tough nut to crack, but you can get him talking with some patience. If he’s not responding to your texts or calls after an argument, it could be because he needs time for himself and is still processing what happened.

If you’re worried about him, the best thing to do is give him time and space. Don’t bombard him with calls or messages that are overly emotional or dramatic because it will only drive him further away from you.

When he does finally open up again, make sure that you listen attentively without interrupting. It will show that you care about his feelings and want to understand where he’s coming from.

The more understanding you are of the situation, the better chance there is at resolving things amicably between the two of you to keep this relationship going strong.