Are Virgo Men Romantic? (His Type Of Romance Explained)

The Virgo man has a lot of great qualities going on for him, but is being romantic one of them? Let’s talk about this topic and explain his specific type of romance.

Are Virgo Men Romantic?

are virgo men romantic

No. Virgo men are not the most romantic in the zodiac, but they are sensitive to other people’s needs and desires.

He prefers a stable, secure life and a satisfying routine where he takes the lead. He likes security and routine, and he plans to invest most of his energy and time into work so he can provide for a family.

A Virgo man may not always show his feelings openly, but he is a deeply caring person. He can still have his moments. He may make an effort to buy you flowers or take you out on a picnic, especially if it means something special to you.

As perfectionists in love, Virgo men are very sensitive to the needs and feelings of their partners. They tend to be easily hurt if you do not appreciate or thank them for something they have done for you.

How Do You Make A Virgo Man Romantic?

If you want to make a Virgo man romantic, show him that you appreciate his efforts and work.

He has his own ways of showing or expressing romance, but he will surely surprise you once in a while with little gestures that touch your heart. He wants to be loved and appreciated for who he really is, so do not try too hard or expect anything more than what he is willing to give.

Here are a few more ways that you can use to make the Virgo man a little bit more romantic.

1) Be Unapolageticly Honest With The Virgo Man

One way to make a Virgo man romantic is by being honest with him. He values nothing more than honesty, and he loves seeing it in you.

People with this zodiac sign like security and routine, and can be quite perfectionistic in love. A Virgo man may not always show his feelings openly, but it is a sign of absolute trust and commitment when he does.

So, if you want to make a Virgo man romantic, be honest with him before anything else. He will appreciate your truthfulness even more than the most expensive gifts in the world.

A little bit of honesty can go a long way in making both your lives easier and happier. When he sees that you are being genuine with him, he will be more open to your requests and suggestions.

2) Let The Virgo Man Be The Leader

A Virgo man will feel more masculine and loved when he is the one who’s in control. He wants to be the provider and protector, and when he feels like that in a relationship, he will be more than happy to show his love and affection.

Let him take the lead in your relationship, just like he does at work or wherever else that requires leadership skills.

While this may seem too old-fashioned for some people, it can actually really help with your relationship with him. He needs to know that he is the king of your world, and a man cannot feel like a real man if his woman takes charge.

Show him respect and admiration, and he will shower you with the same amount of love.

3) Have Fun With The Virgo Man

Virgo men are very hardworking people with high standards. They also have a tendency to be perfectionists, so sometimes they may seem like they are too serious.

But the truth is, if you take this as a challenge and try to make him crack a smile or laugh out loud, he will be so happy that it will strengthen your relationship immensely.

Don’t let their usual composure fool you though. These men love having fun just as much as anyone else. If you can get him to let go of all that stress, he will be much happier, and your relationship should become much better.

He is usually very careful about everything he does because he wants things done properly. But if you know what makes them tick or how they think, it won’t take long for the two of you to fall in love.

Do things like going on adventures together, going to a party, or even playing a prank. These little things will make him see that you’re someone he can have fun with.

And if you know how to keep the relationship happy and exciting, your chances of having a long-lasting one are very high.

Do Virgo Men Hookup?

No. Virgo men are not into hookups. They’re in it for the long haul and want a relationship that’s going to last.

Virgo men like to be in control of their situation, and they don’t want some fling on the go. They’re more interested in finding a partner who can bring something new into their lives, rather than doing what everyone else is doing at the moment.

Virgos are very picky when it comes to the people they want to get close with. They’re very secretive when it comes to relationships, and the only person who knows everything about them is their partner.

When Virgo men are in a relationship, they give it all of their attention which means that there’s no time for anyone or anything else but his significant other.

Virgos believe that relationships are all about compromise.

They’re more than willing to adjust themselves for the person that they love, and they want their partner to do the same thing in return. Virgo men like it when people try new things together; however, if someone isn’t trying at all, they’re going to have difficulty adjusting.

Virgo Man Romance: Final Words

Virgo men want to make their partners happy, and they like to do things for their significant other to be in a good mood, such as flowers, cards, and other gestures.

However, they are not the type of people who want to be romanced all the time because they don’t like feeling as if someone has an ulterior motive for doing things that they wouldn’t normally do on their own accord.

Virgos might seem a little bit too serious at times, but they’re the type of people who are always on their partner’s side. They believe that there’s more to a relationship than just romance.

However, if their significant other is willing to be romantic, they’re going to take the opportunity and enjoy every single second of it.

They also like honesty from their partner, so that everything can go smoothly in the relationship. Virgo men love being in relationships where they feel like they can be themselves and not have to pretend.

They want a partner who understands them inside out, which is why you need to take the time now and then to learn more about him as an individual before taking your relationship further.