Are Capricorns Sneaky? (It’s Not What You Think)

If you’ve ever thought that a certain Capricorn corn was being sneaky or secretive, you weren’t wrong. However, it’s as bad as you might think. Let’s talk about why Capricorns appear this way.

Are Capricorns Sneaky?

are capricorns sneaky

Capricorns can sometimes they can be found making false promises or telling white lies. It all depends on what they think they can get away with and what serves them best.

They will do anything to succeed in life, even if it means taking a shortcut here and there.

Capricorns are also some of the most resourceful people in the zodiac. They rarely ever find themselves backed into a corner, even if they create that situation for themselves.

This is because they know how to get out of tough situations using their wits and creativity.

They will work day and night to get ahead in life. No task is too big or too small for their attention. They want to make sure that they are always one step ahead of the game, so even when it seems like they aren’t working, they are actually staying on top of things in one way or another.

According to astrology, Capricorns are the most ambitious sign in the zodiac. They are born with an innate desire to succeed. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead in life and including resorting to underhanded or sneaky tactics if necessary.

1) Capricorns Are Independent

Capricorns are independent. They have a hard time depending on others for their happiness.

If they rely on other people, that means that they can’t be in control of the situation, and that ruins their day. To be happy, Capricorns have to have complete control over themselves and their lives. This need for independence leads them to be sneaky from time to time to get the job done.

Their independence also makes them resourceful and clever. If they need something done, they can find a way to get it done themselves, even if it means breaking the rules in the process.

They would rather do things themselves than ask for help any day.

This independence also leads them to be a bit cynical at times. They don’t always trust others with their feelings, which means sometimes they won’t reveal the entire truth when people ask for it.

2) Capricorns Are Misunderstood

Frequently, Capricorns are misunderstood. They have a hard time getting close to people and letting them in on their lives.

It’s not that they don’t want to, but they have a very private side of themselves that they keep to themselves. When other people find out about this part of them, it can surprise them.

Capricorns don’t always mean to be sneaky or underhanded; sometimes, this is just how they come off. When a Capricorn does something, people might think it’s a little shady and question their motives.

In reality, they are probably just being independent and resourceful because they know what has to be done. They don’t want to be seen as cold or unapproachable, so they keep things private.

This act of keeping things to themselves can be seen as sneaky by outsiders who don’t understand their reasoning.

3) Capricorns Are Secretive

They are often secretive, but not because they’re hiding something. It’s because their goals are important enough that they can’t trust other people with information until it is time to reveal it.

Generally speaking, though, they will be honest – except if withholding the truth would benefit them. If they need to be underhanded, they will.

Capricorns are secretive because what they want is important enough to them that they’ll stop at nothing until it’s done. Even if it means keeping secrets or telling white lies, Capricorns can’t let their goals slip through their fingers.

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They might not always understand why other people don’t embrace the same mindset, but they can’t let that get in their way.

Their goals are important, and they’ll fight tooth and nail for them. They can’t trust people with information or resources unless they show the Capricorns respect. Once a Capricorn has earned someone’s trust, though, nothing will shake it.

They are loyal and dedicated to those who have made a place in their hearts.

It takes a long time before Capricorns form true attachments to other people. They tend to keep themselves guarded against the rest of the world. They are not afraid to show how they feel, but that is usually when they have fully committed to the other person.

For the most part, though, Capricorns tend to keep their cards close to their chest because revealing too much would make them seem too vulnerable.

However, don’t think that this means they’re easy to fool. They see through almost everyone’s actions and know what they’re up to. They just choose not to let it bother them because they have a goal in mind, and that’s all that matters.

It’s better to let other people make the mistakes that will lead them astray because Capricorns know that they can’t be stopped – even if it means getting their hands a little dirty.

Are Capricorns Untrustworthy?

Capricorns are trustworthy and will never lie to you (unless it’s to your benefit and they think you won’t find out).

They will, however, often withhold information if they feel that knowing what they know would hurt someone. And because of this tendency, people will often feel like the Capricorn is withholding information from them too.

They are also very methodical, so they’ll know it and quickly become suspicious of other people if something isn’t adding up. This is a good thing as far as being untrustworthy goes because Capricorns are brilliant people and quick to catch on to things that other people might not have noticed until much later.

Capricorns are also cautious people, so you can never be sure when they’ll be bold enough to speak up and say what they think. If they are feeling intimidated or threatened by someone, they tend to keep their mouths shut.

They don’t trust that people will listen to them anyway, which is why they don’t jump into any conflicts unless they’re absolutely sure of where things stand.

If you feel like a Capricorn isn’t being entirely truthful with you, it might be because you haven’t given them much reason to trust you yet. Once they know that they can trust you, they’ll open up to you just as much as they would anybody else.

Sneaky Capricorns: Closing Words

Capricorns are very serious people. They understand that life is short and fleeting, and they’d rather take a shortcut to get what they want, even if it isn’t entirely honest.

They are also very logical people and don’t see the purpose of taking a roundabout when there’s a quicker, more efficient option.

Additionally, they are a sneaky bunch. People under this zodiac sign may not be as upfront and straightforward as other signs, but that doesn’t mean they’re untrustworthy or dishonest.

In fact, if you’ve been around them for a while, you’ll know that Capricorn’s word is gold – no matter what it takes to get there. If your goal is the same as theirs (or even just close), then this zodiac sign will have your back every day of the week.