Are Capricorn Men Liars And Can You Trust Them? Read This First

The Capricorn man is the type of guy who can’t stand being lied to. In fact, it’s one of the biggest ways to disrespect him.

So to the Capricorn man, he’s rarely going to tell you a lie because he completely understands how it feels to be on the bad side of it.

This doesn’t make the Capricorn man perfect though, far from it. In fact, there are going to be a few times where the Capricorn man will have no problem lying to you.

How Do You Know If A Capricorn Man Is Lying?

how do you know if a capricorn man is lying

Capricorns are fantastic liars. In fact, they are so good that it can be very hard to tell when they lie.

The best way to tell if a Capricorn man is lying is if what he is saying is very short and to the point. An elaborate story is usually NOT a lie.

A Capricorn man never wants to get caught in a lie. For that reason, he will make his lie very direct. The more he talks. the more likely it is for him to get caught lying in the details of his story.

Why Would A Capricorn Man Lie?

A Capricorn, in general, does not lie. They do not care about hurting your feelings. They are the epitome of the saying “the truth hurts”. If a male Capricorn is lying to you, then take it as a sign that he does not respect you and has no interest in dating you.

A Capricorn does not take well to being lied to. The reason for this is because they know that they themselves only lie out of the utmost disrespect to someone. To them, lying is one of the worst things you can do to a person.

The lie doesn’t even necessarily have to be about anything significant. It could be as simple as “I didn’t eat the last cookie” when they very well know they did. The more they lie, the more they reveal how much they dislike you.

1) The Capricorn Man Doesn’t Respect You

The problem is, out of all the signs, it is the most difficult to tell when a Capricorn is lying to you. If you can catch a Capricorn in a lie, then there’s a good chance that the relationship is going in a bad direction.

Do not try to convince yourself that it was just a small lie or a white lie. With another astrological sign, this might be true. However, with a Capricorn man, because of how he uses his lies, this is a huge red flag.

If you do choose to continue the relationship with a lying Capricorn man, you might soon find that the number of lies, along with the severity of the lies, will continue to increase.

Respect is one of the most important factors in a healthy relationship; romantic, friendly, family, etc. Any relationship thrives off of mutual respect. It is a nonnegotiable part of all relationships. You must be able to set clear, achievable boundaries with someone.

A relationship with anyone who feels the need to lie to you is not a good sign. However, many people will tell the occasional white lie with no harm meant just to spare your feelings.

A Capricorn man will never tell a white lie if he truly cares about you.

If you ask them to hang out and they don’t want to, they will flat-out tell you that they don’t want to. If a Capricorn is saying they can’t hang out because they are sick, had other plans, etc, and you know this is not the case, that means they have no respect for you.

A Capricorn that values you would rather hurt your feelings than ever betray you by telling even a small white lie.

2) The Capricorn Man Might Not Be Interested In You

If you know they have lied to you, it is in your best interest to pursue this relationship with caution. After all, you might be wasting your time chasing after someone who is not going to reciprocate your feelings.

As you just read, a lying Capricorn is a sign of disrespect. They flat out just do not like you. If you continue to pursue this relationship, then you might continue to get hurt. They are most likely lying to keep you around but at a distance. You can be sure that you are not their top priority and are still looking for a romantic partner.

Why do they keep you around you might ask. There are a number of reasons a male Capricorn might keep you around if they don’t like you or want to be in a relationship with you.

One of those reasons is for sexual pleasure. He does not need to like you to have sex with you. Although you might feel emotionally connected to this person, and even more so after a night of passion, that emotional connection is not there for them.

Another reason the Capricorn might still keep you around is for personal gain. If you are able to support them financially, through your connections, with your expertise in a certain area, etc. then they will most likely keep you around for what you have to offer them, but not for you or your personality.

Eventually, when they do find someone they respect, value, and generally care for one of two things can happen:

  1. The Capricorn man might immediately discard you.
  2. You risk the possibility of being dropped like a bad habit.

These are the specific (yet rare) times when the Capricorn man can vanish without a trace by:

To make matters worse, it will seem to have come from nowhere, but he had it planned out all along. Or, the Capricorn man will still keep you around waiting in the wings because of those “services” you are still willing to offer him.

Capricorn Men Are Brutally Honest: Closing Words

As mentioned before, a male Capricorn will not lie to you if he respects you no matter how it might make you feel. If you ask him how you look in your new dress and he says it’s not flattering, take this as a good sign that he values your relationship.

Do not get angry because you asked for his opinion and he gave it to you.

A good test might be to wear something you know does not look good on you, and ask him what he thinks. If he says you look great, he is obviously lying and has no respect for you. You are in his life for a reason right now, but that reason is not to have a romantic relationship. If he tells you it doesn’t look good that is a great sign that he is genuinely interested in you.

I know it sounds weird that someone telling you something negative instead of just telling you something to feel good about yourself is a good thing. A male Capricorn believes that they are doing you a favor by always telling the truth because of how they personally feel when they are lied to.

A good piece of advice for dating a Capricorn is to never lie to them. Honesty is the best policy when dealing with your Capricorn partner. They have a very intuitive nature and will almost always know when you are lying to them.

If they have never lied to you and you lie to them and they find out, the relationship will suffer. They will never forget about that time you disrespected them like that. Although you might have been doing it to spare their feelings they will never see it that way.