A Guy Gave Me His Number: How Long Should I Wait To Text Him?

You might have a lot of sudden questions if a guy jumps at the chance to give you his number.

However, if you like the guy, you want to make sure that you don’t miss out on your chance to connect with him even more.

Let’s talk about everything when it comes to a guy giving you his phone number so that you’ll know exactly how to proceed.

A Guy Gave Me His Number: Everything You Need To Know

how long should i wait to text him

There’s a lot of thoughts that might be going through your mind when a guy gives you his number. You might love it, hate it, or even think that the guy is a straight-up creeper.

So how the situation plays out is going to depend on how you feel about that specific guy, the impression that he made, and many more other details. Let’s take things one step at a time.

1) What Do You Do When A Guy Gives You His Number: Should I Text Him?

When a guy gives you his number, yes, you should give him the benefit of the doubt and at least send him a text.

As previously stated, texting him is going to depend on the impression that he made on you, as well as any interest that you might have in him.

So here are just a few of the reasons as to why you should text him:

  • You two connected in some way.
  • You wouldn’t mind seeing where things go.
  • He’s a cutey (hey, there’s nothing wrong with that)!
  • Maybe he’s a guy with those great tall genes (I don’t judge).
  • He has a great personality as well as a lot of great characteristics.

All in all, if you have any interest in this guy, then you should definitely text him. On the other hand, there are going to be a few reasons why you shouldn’t text him:

  • He smells (eww).
  • He’s not your type.
  • You noticed a few red flags.
  • You didn’t make any type of connection.
  • And most importantly, you just aren’t interested in him.

Here is something important that you need to keep in mind. Just because a guy gave you his phone number, doesn’t mean that you need to text him.

After all, you would just be wasting time if you ended up texting him (and acting somewhat interested), especially when you weren’t interested.

So if everything is good and you didn’t catch on to any creeper vibes, let’s move on to the next important question when it comes to the process.

2) How Long Should I Wait To Text A Guy After He Gives Me His Number?

If you’re really interested in the guy, I would recommend sending him a text as soon as you have some free time to do so.

While one could argue that this might come off as desperate, it’s all about what you say to the guy (which I’ll be talking about more in the next section).

Also, think of it this way. This guy took initiative to give you his number. So if you’re truly interested in him, you don’t want to “wait until the time feels right” to get back to him.

After all, everything is happening so quickly in today’s world. Waiting longer could only mean that other girls are getting back to him sooner than you on social media, dating apps, or any other platform that is available for mingling.

There is also the option of immediately sending him a text when he gives you his number (to put the ball in his court). However, if you are reading this article, then the chances are that you might have already missed out on that opportunity.

3) A Guy Gave Me His Number, What Should I Say?

You want to text the guy something that is related to conversations and connections that you made with him previously.

In order to do this, think back to the conversations that you had with him:

  • Did you have any funny moments?
  • Did you get to joke back and forth about anything?
  • Could you possibly come up with a cute nickname for him?

These are all great ideas when it comes to sending him the first text. Here are two examples of possible options, and I’ll let you be the judge about which one is better.

  1. Hey, it’s (name) from Ruby Tuesday (where you met).
  2. Hey, it’s your favorite waitress in the world. I was curious if you needed a bib or sippy cup, as you weren’t so great at keeping most of your meal on your plate 🙂

So the first text is very plain and basic, which in turn will have the guy needing to pivot into any random direction from there on out. The second text, on the other hand, is light-hearted, witty, and playful, which is what guys love to see from texts.

Also keep in mind that you want to use a lot of open-ended questions and phrases, that will help you to avoid getting one-word text responses from him, which is about as annoying as it gets.

Of course, make sure that you adjust the text so that it’s based upon the experiences that you’ve had with the guy. Lastly, you never get to make a first impression, especially when it comes to texting. So make it a good one.

A Guy Gave Me His Number On Hinge/Tinder

a guy gave me his number of tinder

A guy giving you his number on Tinder, Hinge, or any other dating app is pretty straightforward; he’s interested in you and took initiative in showing that.

After all, would a guy openly give you his number in any way, shape, or form, if he wasn’t interested in you? Of course not.

You have to think of it from the guy’s side as well. Nowadays, we women are flooded with messages from guys, and other men understand that as well.

So if you’ve ever had a guy quickly give you his number, it’s not only because he’s really interested, but he also wants to take the conversation away from the dating apps.

Think about it, it’s also one step closer to being able to ask you out on a date. Plus, the more time that you spend texting with the guy, the less time you’ll be spending talking to other guys on the apps (at least, that’s what he hopes).

A Random Guy Gave Me His Number: Closing Words

A random guy giving you his number can be a very weird scenario. After all, why would a guy give you his number without knowing anything about you in the first place?

Once again, it comes down to the guy simply liking what he sees and taking initiative. This is completely different when compared to a guy getting to know you first, and then giving you his number.

You can look at this specific scenario in a couple of ways (or somewhere in between):

  • The guy knows how to take initiative and is very confident (always two great traits).
  • The guy seems pretty creepy since he knows absolutely knowing about you.

You’re going to have to use your gut instinct when it comes to a random guy giving you his number. Always use due diligence, and at least be able to check him out online (his social media profiles, what he does, etc).

But at the end of the day, you don’t have to text/call him or even hang onto the number. If he comes off as a creeper, be sure to avoid him like the plague. At the end of the day, there are plenty of non-creepy fish in the sea.

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