Why Is It Difficult For Musicians To Have Relationships? (Explained)

Musicians tend to be so focused on writing and creating their music, that they often have very little time for relationships.

So you’re not wrong, it can be quite the challenge for musicians to have relationships, and for plenty of reasons too.

Let’s talk more about this topic in more detail.

Why Is It Difficult For Musicians To Have Relationships?

why is it difficult for musicians to have relationships

Dating isn’t easy for most musicians. Due to the nature of a musician’s work and their lifestyle, it can be quite difficult to invest the required energy or time for a romantic partner.

To further expand upon that point, here are some of the biggest reasons why it can be so difficult for musicians to have relationships.

1) Most Musicians Are Financially Unstable

Musicians are passionate and are often out to chase their dreams. Every musician that is serious about their field of work typically has big dreams and goals to achieve, and while this can be an admirable trait, starting out is never easy.

The hamartia that musicians have to deal with is the fact that they don’t have the luxury of a stable job, which makes it hard for them to get by every day.

Usually, they rely on gigs and other potential offers that can allow them to work.

At the same time, some often depend on streaming revenues, which honestly isn’t enough, especially if you’re merely just starting out in the music industry.

While being a musician is noble work that allows you to freely exercise your passion as a potential profession, the systems put in place by the music industry only make it hard for many artists and musicians to be compensated fairly for the work they do.

Most of the time, they are severely underpaid.

Even if you do get a contract, record labels still don’t guarantee a decent income, only musicians who make a ton of money are usually those who are either successful or already at the peak of their career.

Because of this, musicians are often left financially unstable, easily going broke because work isn’t readily available to them.

Add to that the fact that the music industry is an extremely competitive one, with many aspiring musicians hoping to get their big break.

This situation usually discourages musicians from dating since that would only mean additional expenses to worry about.

If they’re already struggling enough with making income, it can be difficult to expect them to simply spend their hard-earned money on romantic pursuits.

2) Musicians Can Be Constantly On The Move

Dating requires physical presence and intimacy most of the time since it is key to strengthening the bond of a relationship. Musicians can’t promise such things because their job needs them to regularly travel for gigs, touring, or even concerts.

For this reason, it can be inevitable for musicians to be available 24/7 and might even miss several important occasions, which can then be commonplace for arguments.

Such the nature of a musician’s job also makes it simultaneously harder for them to invest in long-term relationships, especially since they can’t stay put in a certain place.

That is unless your career is really taking off and you’re granted the luxury of taking off work since you have plenty of cash to spare. However, this isn’t the case for most musicians.

Being constantly on the move can also be an evident trigger for a doomed relationship, especially since most musicians often have these crazy adventures and spend their time meeting and hanging out with new people almost every time.

3) Muscicans Spend A Ton Of Time On Their Music

Making good music is a hard process, particularly if you consider the amount of thought, effort, time, and energy needed to make it work.

Musicians often pour their soul and creativity into their craft, and that doesn’t happen within just a few minutes or so. For musicians to achieve the goal of their art, they typically need a lot of concentration or focus, to begin with.

Writing lyrics, producing music, playing instruments, and singing needs dedication. This makes it hard for musicians to find the time to go on dates, and even if they do, you might only find them being somewhere else mentally.

Musicians live in a world that is entirely infatuated with the present, but even so, they are constantly working hard to reach a future that they’re uncertain of achieving.

It’s also because of this very reason that musicians are extremely hardworking, sometimes to the point of being negligent in their relationships since they’re always working to improve their own lives.

Not only that, but as artists, they also need a time for isolation where they can wholeheartedly make their craft without anyone else’s intrusion since that is the only way for them to express themselves fully. This habit can put a strain on any relationship.

4) It Can Be Very Difficult For A Musician To Commit

The demands of being a musician make it hard for relationship commitment. Apart from being always on the go or holing up in their studios to create music, they are manic people who indulge in the satisfaction of mastering their craft.

This passionate pursuit requires some sacrifice, and often, such action impacts their romantic relationship the most. Other than that, they also meet new people almost every time, which can be quite difficult for them, especially if they’re always away from home for long periods.

Such a situation can cause distrust and insecurity in either member of the party due to the lack of intimacy and physical presence.

There are also situations where musicians can be forced to give up on their creative endeavors for the sake of commitment, and for the artists who are neck-deep into their line of work, this is something they’ll blatantly refuse.

Dating isn’t a one-time thing, for it to work, you need to put in energy and time for your partner.

However, many people are incredibly insecure and would often want themselves to be the top priority in a musician’s life. Unfortunately, musicians’ passions for creative pursuits often become a looming threat to their personal relationships.

Can A Musician Be In A Relationship? Final Words

It’s true that musicians find it difficult to have relationships, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible.

If you’re lucky, having a partner who understands well enough what music means to a musician as well as the demanding and hectic nature of the job, then you might find it to be something worth staying for after all.