Signs Scorpio Man Using You (Be On The Lookout For These)

The Scorpio man is certainly capable is stinging, and stinging very hard. It gets worse though.

The Scorpio man is also capable of playing you, and there are quite a few signs that you can look for to confirm this behavior.

Let’s talk more about if he’s using you or not.

How Do You Know If A Scorpio Man Is Playing You?

how do you know if a scoprio man is playing you

How do you know when a Scorpio man is playing you? Well, many signs let you know. Some of them include:

  • He’s never available in person and always seems to be busy.
  • He says one thing but does another, like lying about his feelings for you.
  • He doesn’t show up for plans because it’s too much work for him to make an effort.

These are just some of the signs that a Scorpio man is playing games with your emotions and hurting your heart in the process.

1) The Scorpio Man Won’t Open Up

Well, the first sign of a Scorpio man playing you is him refusing to open up. The Scorpio man will not give too much away at this point.

He does not want to reveal all his cards upfront because he requires an elaborate plan of attack to keep you guessing and on your toes throughout the game.

He’s being guarded for a reason, but it could be that he doesn’t have anything good to say about himself, or that there are too many words that are so nicely echoed back by an astute observer waiting for him to use them first.

It may also result from overcompensation for something horrible he did in his life or glaring insecurity about what was thrown at him before meeting you.

You may want to consider that it’s possible he doesn’t know how to communicate his feelings and has no idea what he wants in a relationship right now. He might also be afraid of hurting your feelings with something negative that he might have to say about himself.

Maybe if you don’t ask him directly, that will keep him at bay and prevent any deep or dark secrets from being spilled out of the bag before it’s time for them to see the light of day. It could be a sign of his immaturity in terms of emotional intelligence.

This may be a short-term thing, and he’ll learn how to communicate better with you as time goes on, or it could be deeply ingrained in his personality from years of not trusting people, which will take longer to get over if ever at all.

2) The Scorpio Man Shows Little Respect

If a Scorpio man is playing you, then he will show little respect for your boundaries. You may start to feel used and taken advantage of in ways that make you uncomfortable.

It’s reasonable to assume that the Scorpio man is going after what he wants with little regard for what you want. That doesn’t mean anyone person can have control over another or vice versa.

Still, it does mean the Scorpio man shows little regard for how it might impact you in situations where contact is initiated on his terms.

He may take offense to your choices, but he won’t try to understand why you chose the way you want things done.

Instead of being hurt by this behavior and trying to talk it out so that both parties can come up with a compromise together, the Scorpio man is more likely to go against what you think to manipulate the situation into something that best suits him.

It’s a sign of his lack of empathy and willingness to play games if he doesn’t want you in control over how your relationship with each other will progress, but is still willing to put effort into maintaining it or even getting closer, at least for now until he gets bored by not being in control.

He’s not looking to change the dynamics of how he does things, so you might feel like your relationship is unbalanced or that it boils down to just one person calling all the shots.

3) The Scorpio Man Shows Little Interest

Scorpio men are either really into you or not at all. When they feel like there is no point in connecting with someone, they become distant.

If he has replied to your texts or messages, but he takes a while to reply (making you wait sometimes), this could be a sign that he’s checking out of the conversation. He also might not pick up if you call him because his attention span for talking on the phone is short and fleeting.

If you want to know if a Scorpio man is playing you, the first thing he will do when he wants out of your relationship or conversation with you is to withdraw and stop taking part in it.

He’s not going to tell you that he doesn’t like what’s happening because then there would be no reason for him to end things with you. Instead, he’ll do it in a passive-aggressive way that makes him feel like less of a wrong person.

The Scorpio man does not care for other people’s feelings and instead will be more concerned with his integrity, even if this means being cold or cruel to someone else.

Don’t expect any explanation from him about why he’s doing what he does because that would mean taking responsibility for his actions and apologizing to you, which is the last thing someone like this wants.

  • He shows little interest in your emotions when doing something unhelpful or hurtful.
  • He isn’t playing games with you if he does this.
  • He doesn’t care.

He isn’t trying to hurt or manipulate you on purpose because it’s not clear how his behavior affects the dynamic of your relationship.

4) The Scorpio Man Gets Slightly Distant

Scorpios are possessive and selfish, and they can be pretty devious. They’re also quickly bored by and often end up playing, what most people perceive as stable relationships.

Safe to say that Scorpio men will give you all of the attention you crave in the honeymoon phase; once that wears off, they’ll start getting distant.

You want someone who’s upfront about their needs, has your back no matter what, is trustworthy with your secrets, respects you for being yourself, what do you deserve?

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. Scorpios are drawn to people who possess that same powerful energy; they’ll feel most fulfilled when in a relationship with someone like themselves or opposite them (a water sign).

They’re also drawn towards characters that complement their own (fire), but getting too close can prove to be dangerous for both parties.

Scorpio men are capable of being in love with more than one person at the same time. This is why they like to keep their options open and make sure that no one gets too close when they’re still interested in someone else (or vice versa).

No matter how much you try your most challenging or how much attention you give him, he’s not going to want to be with someone who doesn’t understand why he needs space.

Scorpio men enjoy being alone, and they don’t need anyone else in their lives if it feels like too much of a burden or obligation instead of something that brings them joy.

5) The Scorpio Man Is Only Interested In Hooking Up

When a Scorpio man is interested in you, he’s attentive and affectionate. When he’s not being distant, he wants to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing.

If something doesn’t quite sit right with the guy, don’t be surprised if he leaves after saying something like:

I can’t deal with this…

I know it sounds like pulling teeth to talk to them or even get their attention in general in some cases, but these guys do care, just not when they’re feeling paired-down in real life because they want to be left alone.

If you’re okay with that, then they might be what the doctor ordered either.

Scorpio Man Using You: Final Words

Scorpio men are complicated, but they can make an excellent relationship/partner if you’re willing to give them the time and energy that they need.

They will do anything for someone loyal to them and loves them even when things get complicated. If he’s not giving you what you want or leaving without explanations, then there might be someone else who’s looking for you and wants to provide you with what he can’t.