How To Talk To A Virgo Man About Feelings (5 Tips)

If you’ve ever noticed a Virgo man being quiet around you, then you’ve probably also realized the challenge when it comes to talking about his feelings.

It doesn’t have to be that big of a challenge though, so let’s talk more about this topic.

Talking To A Virgo Man About Feelings (5 Tips)

talking to a virgo man about feelings

A Virgo man can have a hard time opening up about his feelings. It is pretty challenging to get him talking in general.

After all, he has no problem keeping things close to the cuff and rarely lets information loose unless you hit it off with one another.

There are some ways that you can talk to your Virgo guy about his feelings without him feeling too overwhelmed.

1) Give The Virgo Man Some Time

As a Virgo, he will want to take his time and do things the way he wants to. You can’t force him, but instead, you have to be understanding of his needs if you want the relationship to last.

Once it does start, though, don’t worry. He’ll whisk you off your feet with all those little love gestures that only Virgos know, so how best to give their mates what they need most.

He is pretty busy with work or other responsibilities in life, so find some time when he has more free time than usual and seizes the chance.

Communication tends not to flow well during traditional work hours for most people. This means evenings are typically better than mornings for talking about feelings – so plan accordingly.

He’s not good at expressing his feelings easily, so you may have to coax them out of him gently and feel how he responds when you do. If the answer is positive, it could signify that he wants more than just companionship with you.

You’ll know if this is true because Virgos are very straightforward, and if he is showing you that kind of affection, then it’s likely the case.

2) Comfort The Virgo Man When Speaking

Even though he may not be excellent at expressing his feelings, that doesn’t mean they’re absent. Sometimes Virgos need a little help to get them out, and this is where you can step in.

He will look to you for strength and guidance when it comes to anything involving emotions because of your strong personality traits, even if he’s like steel and seems unbreakable, he’ll still need you to lean on.

If the Virgo man looks uncomfortable during a conversation, try your best not to pry too much and let him off the hook if possible.

Remember that even though it may get frustrating at times, this is how Virgos are. They aren’t the most emotionally open people in general, so you should take that into account if they’re anything like your man.

The most crucial thing in solving any problem is to find out what is bothering him. Listen intently, and take the time to stop his chatter when you need to clarify something for yourself. Chances are, he might not even realize it’s bothering him deep down until you ask!

When talking about tough subjects with a Virgo man, be prepared for long pauses of silence followed by some gentle verbal spitballing (he won’t want you to verbalize this).

He loves his voice, so don’t worry about talking too much; offer comfort when he speaks or appears nervous. Offer him validation and praise, his ego needs both. And remember that comfort will always calm him.

3) Show The Virgo Man Some Appreciation

He loves knowing that he’s appreciated, and a simple ‘thank you can go a long way when it comes to making him feel loved. He’ll do anything for the people he cares about, so make sure you let him know how much you appreciate all of his efforts.

A Virgo man will shower you with love and affection if he feels appreciated by you. He loves to know that he’s loved and needed, and one of the best ways to show him this is through appreciation.

Thank him for all of the things he does for you, big or small. Also, make sure to let him know how much you appreciate him being in your life.

He’ll appreciate the sentiment, and it will make him feel more inclined to do even more for you in the future. A happy Virgo man is a content Virgo man.

4) Have A Sense Of Humor With The Virgo Man

When it comes to the Virgo man, you will want to have a sense of humor with him. He loves to laugh and enjoy life. If you can make him laugh, he will be more drawn to you. Be yourself and have fun with him. He will appreciate your lightheartedness.

If you can get him to laugh and have a good time, he will start to feel more comfortable around you. This is important, as the Virgo man can be quite guarded at first. Once he trusts you, he will open up more and share his feelings with you.

So, if you are interested in the Virgo man, make sure that you have a sense of humor and enjoy life. Be yourself and have fun with him. He will appreciate your lightheartedness.

5) Be Open And Honest When Talking To The Virgo Man

Males have crooked emotional pathways, partly because it is easy to cope with what is going on in the physical world. And they are sometimes not able to accurately deal with their feelings.

So being open and honest when talking can help them feel more comfortable expressing themselves. And you can even go first, taking the pressure off him.

Also, be there for him by giving verbal feedback, then show that you’re interested in saying:

I want to hear more

You could also ask questions like “How do you think I might be able to help?” which will make him feel validated and understood.

Virgo Man Sharing Feelings: Final Words

The Virgo man can be tough to read, but it becomes much easier once you know how he operates and responds to certain situations.

The key is talking to him about your feelings without making him feel judged or uncomfortable. If you’re willing to put in the effort, I’m sure that you will find that the Virgo man can be an incredibly loving and loyal partner.

So, go out there and show him how much you appreciate him.