Why Do Girls Like Tall Guys? (What You Need To Know)

Girls have become much more direct when it comes to what type of guy they are attracted to, especially on many of the dating apps nowadays.

You can’t blame girls for liking tall guys though, as there are quite a lot of attractive characteristics that tall men can come with.

Let’s talk more about why girls think tall guys are so attractive.

Why Do Girls Think Tall Guys Are Attractive?

why do girls think tall guys are attractive

Some girls like tall guys because they tend to be more confident, powerful, as well as overall protective. Plus, it’s very easy to spot that taller man in public as well.

Keep in mind that these are only a few reasons why girls think that tall guys are attractive. Reasons can change from person to person, and there are actually quite a lot more reasons than the three mentioned above.

Let’s talk more about the reasons above, as well as discuss a few more reasons why girls think that tall guys are much more attractive.

1) Tall Guys Are More Protective

Or on second thought, are they? While there are plenty of short men who are capable of being protective, being taller is a natural advantage. For example, if everything else was equal, who do you think could be more protective:

  • A 5’2” man.
  • A 6’2” man.

The taller man is going to have a significant advantage when it comes to his limbs and overall reach. While the taller man probably isn’t going to be getting into fights all the time (hopefully), a woman takes pride in knowing that she can be well protected.

So he the taller man always going to be more protective? Probably not, but that doesn’t matter because it’s the idea and thought that matters the most.

The idea here? That taller man is much more protective and powerful. Let’s talk about power next.

2) Tall Guys Are More Powerful

This goes hand in hand with being more protective. Once again, are there going to be short guys who are more powerful than taller men? Absolutely, but keep in mind that power doesn’t always come in the form of strength.

Being taller is often associated with being in a position of power. The NBA is the perfect example of this, where the average height of players is 6 feet and 6 inches.

Don’t forget about the presidents too, as that’s one of the biggest positions of power. A few presidents that were 6 feet tall (or taller) include:

  • Bill Clinton.
  • Barack Obama.
  • James Monroe.
  • Andrew Jackson.
  • Abraham Lincoln.

What also comes with being in a more powerful position? The ability to make more money. These are all bonuses that can certainly come along with a guy being taller and overall more powerful.

To back that up, Quartz stated there are real advantages of being tall since taller people tend to earn more and are more popular on online dating sites. Also stated by Quartz was that almost 60% of American presidents were taller than 5 feet 10 inches.

And yes, earlier I did say that the ability to make more money is a bonus. If a girl had to choose between a tall guy making less money and a tall guy making more money, it’s easy to see which option is going to be more beneficial.

3) Women Can Finally Wear Their High Heels

For many women out there, it gets a little awkward when they pull out their high heels and put them on, only to find out that they are towering over him.

If you ever watched Saved By The Bell, then you might be familiar with Jessica Spano’s character who was very tall and had trouble finding a match because of that.

So while it might sound like a weird reason for girls to like taller guys, it’s something that comes into mind when it comes to going out and finally wearing high heels.

4) Tall Guys Can Reach High Spots

If you’re overall a shorter person, then you probably already know the pain that comes with attempting to:

  • Easily wash the top of a car.
  • Remove dust from the top of cabinets.
  • Reach the top cabinet in the kitchen where the bowls belong.

The list goes on and on, but the idea here is that a taller man can do a lot of things that a tall girl can’t. While she can just get a ladder, there’s always a special little bond when it comes to a girl asking her tall guy to help him out.

In a way, his height helps to complete her and they can work as a team, together.

5) Are Taller Men More Confident? Yup And Girls Love It

According to TheLadders, they stated that the taller you are, the more confident that you feel at work. In my opinion, this confidence can make its way into every aspect of a man’s life.

There’s a reason why so many people have told others to walk tall and to walk proud. Standing up straight (and appearing taller), has always been a natural way to boost one’s confidence. Taller men have that advantage because they are taller, to begin with.

This is the type of confidence that can always attract women to a taller man. So is 100% the heights responsibility for the man being confident? Most likely not, but the woman isn’t going to care as long as she has her taller man.

6) Taller Women Like Taller Guys Even More

I’ve asked a few other women as to why they like taller guys, and I got a few similar responses:

Because I’m a tall girl.

This goes hand in hand with many of the reasons that were mentioned above, so I thought that it would be great to add it last as sort of a round-up. When you think about it, a tall girl is going to want a tall guy for reasons such as:

  • Being powerful.
  • Being protective.
  • Having more confidence.
  • Don’t forget about being able to wear high heels as well.

The same goes for short women as well. However, when compared to a taller woman, she’s going to need to find a guy who is much taller since the girl is tall, to begin with.

What Is The Most Attractive Height For A Man?

The most attractive height for a man has been shown to be anywhere from 5’11” to 6’3″. So you don’t need to be an NBA player to be seen as having an attractive height.

This is thanks to the research by Abeerden News, which has also shown that taller men have prettier girlfriends.  Within their research, they have also found that women like to feel small next to their men, even while wearing 6-inch heels.

This goes back to everything that we’ve talked about previously in this article. But is it only tall girls who like tall guys, or do short girls feel the same way when it comes to taller guys? Let’s quickly talk about that next.

Why Do Short Girls Like Tall Guys?

Short girls want to feel small when standing by their tall guys, so yes, short girls absolutely love tall guys as well.

As mentioned previously, a girl is going to have to be much shorter in order to wear 6-inch heels around her guy, and still feel small. Aside from that, she is going to get a whole lot of benefits when it comes to reaching things on higher up shelves.

Every Girl Wants A Tall Guy? Closing Words

It certainly seems like every girl wants a tall guy nowadays, especially with the increase of dating apps and individuals sharing their personal experiences.

Who can blame them though? Tall guys tend to be more protective, more powerful, more confident, and they can reach all of those hard-to-reach spots. I believe that this trend isn’t going to be ending anytime soon either.