Aries Man Hugs You: Is He Really A Touchy-Feely Guy?

Isn’t it such a great feeling for a man to wrap you up in his big and long arms?

But when it comes to the Aries man, is this something that he likes to do? And more importantly, what does it mean?

Let’s talk more about this fun topic.

Do Aries Men Like To Hug?

do aries men like to hug

Aries men are gentle, sensitive, and kind people. They enjoy hugging people because it makes them feel connected.

They are also very loyal, and they will stand up for you when you need them. Once an Aries man makes a friend, he will always be there to protect his new “bestie.”

They don’t like it when someone tries to go behind their back or say something wrong about them to others. If this happens, the Aries man will make sure the other person knows about their feelings.

Aries men seek love and want to give love, so they’re always happy when they hug someone. They like the physical and emotional connection and enjoy sharing their passion.

When an Aries man loves someone, he will show affection with hugs. They are incredibly open with their love, so you can expect to receive kisses on the cheek and genuine hugs every time they see you.

Are Aries Men Touchy-Feely?

Aries men are highly touchy-feely. They enjoy touching and hugging the people they love, even if they haven’t known them for that long.

He will walk up to you in public and want physical contact with you. For example, he might place his hand gently on your lower back while talking to you, so it feels like he’s always touching you. He also enjoys holding hands while walking on the street or in a mall.

Aries men find hugging someone makes them feel loved and accepted, so they do it all the time with their loved ones. You will probably become close very quickly because he will love showing affection to you every chance he gets.

How Else Does An Aries Man Show Affection?

Aries men show affection in many ways. If you’re his best friend or he loves you, then you can expect him to hug and kiss you on the cheek every time he sees you.

He will try to help you with everything and go out of his way for you. Here are other ways how Aries shows their affection.

1) The Aries Man Will Protect You

Protecting you is one of the first things an Aries man will do when he meets you. He’s very loyal to his friends and family, so he won’t let anyone hurt or take advantage.

If someone is doing something wrong behind your back, he’ll make sure you know what they’re up to and stand up for you. When you’re walking with your Aries man, he will keep an eye out for anyone who might cause problems.

The Aries is a tough man, but for you, he will be gentle. His hugs are real and robust, but only for you.

He might not be the best at expressing his feelings with words, but he is always there with his arms open and ready to embrace you any time and every time.

Aries man is also very protective, and this quality is also revealed in his hugs when he senses that you are upset or even just moody for no apparent reason. He would rather tackle the source of your distress instead of letting it fester inside you, as this would make him feel helpless.

The Aries is a natural-born leader, so his mighty hugs are a way to show that he will take care of you and solve any problem that comes your way, just like how Superman swoops down from the sky to save Lois Lane.

2) The Aries Man Will Make You A Priority

An Aries man will make you a priority despite his busy schedule. Aries men are born under the zodiac sign of the ram, and they’re known for being courageous, spontaneous, and headstrong. Throughout their lives, Aries men have a tendency to take matters into their own hands.

They can be impatient with people who don’t think quickly or see things in the same manner they do. It’s best to respect their opinion on most subjects because an Aries man is always striving to be number one in everything he does.

He’ll never hold back when he sees something he wants. If you’re not in the mood for love, this man might try to convince you otherwise.

He can be very persuasive in his own way, and his devilish smile suggests that what’s on the menu may be worth every calorie. Even if it means missing lunch, an Aries man’s pushy pursuit of love and pleasure is something to be admired.

An Aries man is full of passion. When he loves, he loves with everything he has in him. He’ll love you for who you are and only want the best for you at all times. An Aries man is not shy when it comes to expressing his feelings towards the woman he loves.

In fact, he can’t stop himself from being honest about his feelings. He will open himself up to you more than anyone else. When an Aries man loves you, he is willing to go through fire and ice for you without hesitation.

An Aries man really knows how to make a woman feel like she’s the only one on earth. He makes his woman feel like no other person exists in this world except for her.

  • His eyes will sparkle when he sees you.
  • And his kisses will only make you blush until your cheeks turn rosy red.

You can expect an Aries man to do everything he can to make sure that your relationship is the most essential thing in his life, even if it means sacrificing or compromising some of his own wishes for your happiness.

Aries Man Hugs You: Closing Words

Aries men are fiercely protective of the people they love. If you have an Aries man in your life, he might be showing his affection to you by hugging or kissing you more often than usual.

You may also find that he’s touching and hugging other loved ones a little bit more too. Give him some time to show how much he loves you.

When Aries men feel close with someone, it is their number one priority. This includes being there for them when they need help or encouragement during difficult times.